Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Does Something So Old Stay So Fresh?

Another early morning and the moon, she is still up but wreathed in a bridal veil of cloud. I saw her in a different sky-room this morning when I went out to feed the cat, get the paper. She looked as ancient and as fresh as she did last night while I am most definitely only older.

I have slippers in the dryer and they make a dys-rhythmic percussion as they tumble and the heater purrs and the dog scratches and the rooster crows to be let out and another day is begun, begun, and I will get in the car and drive to Lily's house to see that boy, fresh from sleep like a perfect new loaf of bread, while I am like a casserole left in the oven overnight.
How does this happen? All these mornings, added up, one burnt noodle or pea after another.

Well, good-morning, good-morning, and whatever the rhythm of your day is, I hope it is pleasing, I hope all is well.


  1. Jack was looking over my shoulder, saw your post title and pict, and said "is she talking about the moon or her marriage?"

    The same thought had crossed my mind


  2. The rhythm will form some kind of tune I suspect. At least that is my immediate thought.

  3. Ms. Moon, the moon seems to shine and smile right at you.
    Thanks for the funny visual this morning. I'm feeling burnt noodle today. Thanks for the good wishes. Right back at you.

  4. Burnt noodle, sometimes an undarnable sock, no longer that perfect loaf. There may still exist some quarters in which we ARE seen as new, though I have no idea where. Still.

  5. Burnt casserole morning?
    *raises hand*
    You're in good company.

  6. This reads like a poem, the rhythm of life. Loved it.

    Have a great morning and day.

  7. The burnt noodles are my favorite part :)

    My boy is sick with the flu.

  8. Ha! The rhythm of my day. Well put. We're back at that time in the afternoon at which I try to stop Marie whining. Perhaps distraction will work today? Reasoning has already failed.

    Have a great day!

  9. How I love to wake each morning and read your posts. Thank you, Ms. Moon.

  10. michelle- The moon. I was talking about the moon. As for the marriage- we need a vacation!

    Syd- And so it is working out.

    Mel- I hope you freshen up as the day progresses.

    DTG- He was a scamp today!

    Marylinn Kelly- New? Me? Maybe if I went to a gym. I'd be new there.

    Lisa- I love being in good company.

    Kathleen Scott- You have a good day too!

    rebecca- Love you too, woman.

    Stephanie- Oh no! I hope he gets better quickly.

    Mwa- I always said that I belong to the Bribe and Distract School of Motherhood.

    Elizabeth- Oh. That makes me so happy.

    Handandspirit- Thank-you, honey.

  11. The rhythm of this is sublime, and it has a kind of percussion bounce, too, which entirely at odds with the idea of you as a leftover casserole, burnt noodle. Such life force in you!

    And my word verification is earaphy, which might be as good a name as any for the music you just created.

    i love you, lady moon.

  12. Good morning beautiful Ms. Moon. And yes, your grandbaby is way to adorable first thing in the morning. ;-)

  13. Angella- I love you too. Thank-you, sweet woman.

    Terena- He's a funny, funny boy, my Owen.


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