Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Title

I am old and cranky tonight and my bones hurt, even in my feet and when I got up off the floor after I ate dinner there at the low table, I hurt so bad that for a second I wished I could send that pain to my husband, not because I wanted him to hurt, but because he was the only person there and I wanted to see if he would scream with that pain or barely notice it because sometimes, even though I am used to it, I wonder if that's good, and sometimes I wonder if I am making it up.



It is what it is and always shall be and don't let anyone tell you that "It's all good," because (a) they are lying, and (b) they are idiots.

And on that note, I suppose I shall go to bed.

I miss reading that book by Keith. I really do. I miss a lot of things but right now, this very second, that's the main one. Well, that's probably a lie. But it's a a sturdy one.


  1. Did you read Patti Smith's memoir? I'm reading three books at the same time and definitely enjoying Keith's.

    I'm sorry to hear about your pain. My mother has been in constant pain for years and years, so I've come to a real understanding of what it can do to a personality. How you cope with it is a mystery and I hate that you must, that you do.

    May you be free of pain and suffering.

  2. I hope you feel better tomorrow Ms. Moon. Hang in there and have a wonderful Friday.

  3. I am sorry about your pain. I bet Keith could ease it. Hope that things are better tomorrow. I am just dead tired myself.

  4. Sorry you're in pain. Being in a few years of chronic pain myself, I get wanting to transfer it over and the reason why (not wishing the other person the same pain!).

    Hugs. I hope sleep helped.

  5. I love a) and b).

    hope it goes soon..sleep must help...being cranky must help too...

    i know what you mean about sending the times you do wonder how bad it is, objectively...if only they could invent a machine to measure neuron overload or whatever....

  6. Elizabeth- I did read the Patti Smith memoir and it was good but I liked Keith's better. Why? I do not know. And we all have pain of one sort of another and usually we carry it without much complaint but sometimes we are worn too thin to hold it all in. Or something like that.

    Mr. Shife- Thank-you, sweet man.

    Perovskia- Sleep is blessed relief. Always.

    Screamish- Me too. I don't know whether I am a martyr or a saint. It would be nice if a machine could tell me.

  7. As long as it is a sturdy lie, I suppose :).

  8. Pain...the reminder that doesn't want to go away...unwanted. Transference of pain? Is that want I mean? Hhhhmmmm.

    I am superstitious of talking about pain that leaves as once done the pain always comes back. What does that mean? My tendonitis was behaving and the past two days it has come back with the dull ache. I SHOULD never have said it was 95% better.

    I should take stock in ALEVE!

  9. Reread Keith!

    And be with the pain. It sounds like a load of crap, but it helps. Gentle, loving attention to the site of the pain. Non-judgemental. It is.


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