Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Morning

This morning's complaint list:

1. Hand woke me up repeatedly. Did very, tiny Tai-chi-like movements to try and ease the needles. I was thinking I could call them things like, "gathering hummingbird and releasing it," "ironing hand on both sides."

2. To finally get relief from hand I laid on my back which caused heartburn and snoring. Which also woke me up.

3. This morning my foot hurts like my right leg has suddenly become that of an elephant's while the foot remains human. Such a foot cannot support elephant-weight without complaint.

4. Dog poop.

5. Weak coffee.

I guess that is it.
Luckily I will not need to do a great deal of walking today. Kathleen and I are going to Thomasville for her to drink the magic dye so that they can do the scan to see if the magic drugs are working. Think good thoughts for us, okay?

So get this- Kathleen has been knitting scarves for the chemo patients and the staff at the oncology center have fallen in love with these soft, lovely scarves. To the point where one of them has now asked Kathleen to make her several. For her own personal use. She has even picked out colors for Kathleen to use. And asked her to make them just a little bit shorter for her. Like...Kathleen is her personal chemo-patient scarf maker. She said something like, "And the next one..."
And Kathleen said, "You will be making the next one."
I love Kathleen.
She's the sweetest woman in the world but she has a backbone and she ain't afraid to use it.

So now it's time for me to go put something on my body that resembles normal attire and get ready to go. Speaking of beautiful things that people make, Lis brought me one of her beautiful ribbon flowers on a hair clip and I do believe I shall be wearing that today. Fancy-up a little.
And I hear Elvis crowing which means he'd like to be released from the hen house.
And the birds are starting to twitter.

I have GOT to add an extra scoop to my coffee when I make it for tomorrow. There are some things which one must just learn to accept and there are others easily changed.
Coffee, thank-you, Jesus, is one of them. I wish all things were so.


  1. Good luck with chemo day. Wishing all good feedback.

  2. I will stop by Kathleen's to wish her well. Glad that Kathleen has those boundaries.

  3. I'm thinking good thoughts for that scarf-making-but-not-a-doormat kathleen, and I hope your extremities get back to normal soon!

  4. There is nothing worse than bad coffee. Nothing.

    I love you and am thinking of you and Kathleen.


  5. Good luck out there! Call me and tell me how it goes.

  6. "You will be making the next one." :)

    Thinking good thoughts for Kathleen...

    hoping your hands and feet start cooperating.

  7. Having very good feelings and thoughts over here for Kathleen.

  8. My complaint list includes walking through slush and snow to the metro today and then being delayed on the platform in the freezing cold for 35 minutes. I think I'd rather have the weak coffee :) Love.

  9. Hope today is a great day for you & Kathleen.

    This thing about aching joints...I never planned on having arthritis. That's for old people and we're never going to get old, right? So I don't like having to compensate & deal with it.

    But the coffee, that's something that's easily fixed, so tomorrow will be better.


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