Monday, January 10, 2011

As The Debate About Keith Rages

Ah-lah. It's so funny. I post two paragraphs from a book by Keith Richards and people get riled up. Hey man! He's Keith Richards!

I guess you had to be there, back in the old days. Drugs, sex and rock-n-roll.
Why do you think I so often say that my children saved my life?

I am certainly not his defender and actually, he isn't even his own defender. That's what I love about the book. He's just telling it the way it was. He hasn't done heroin in over thirty years- and that is saying something. He's still alive and that's saying even more. And he's been married to the same woman since, oh hell, 1983 which is longer than I've been married and maybe that says the most.

Anyway, la-di-dah, it's cold here in Lloyd tonight and Mr. Moon did not go to auction (please someone- buy a car!) and we made patties out of the sausage meat and wrapped them for the freezer. Mr. Moon did the patty-making and I did the wrapping.

No wine glasses were harmed in this process.

I tell you- even though there is some pork in this venison sausage, when I cooked it, no grease ran out. And there was NO SHRINKAGE! For sausage, it's probably not that bad for you.

I had to get fancy with the Sharpie.

And now it's all done, wrapped and put in the freezer.
That's a good feeling.

But we're not having sausage for dinner tonight. No, I've made the quintessential hippie meal. Soybeans, brown rice and home made bread. And salad. I picked the greens from the garden. Look at this:

Aren't they lovely?

And the soybeans and bread look like this:

I am here to tell you that that bread has whole wheat, oat bran and flax in it. A bunch! I'm so proud of it. And I can't wait to eat it. And frankly, I love soybeans. Always have. They are the King Beans, especially when it comes to protein which is why they take a long, long time to cook.

Yeah. I love meat but I love my beans and greens too. And my house smells of popcorn-smelling basmati rice and bread and beans and it's warm inside even though it's cold outside and spitting what may at this point be sleet. Or maybe not.


I am just grateful to have made it this far in my life and be where I am, warm and cozy with this good man.
Hell, I could have died in some quaalude-related wreck a long, long time ago. I never did heroin but it doesn't take heroin to kill you. I could have chosen the wrong man a long time ago and my story would be completely different. Somehow, despite my "issues," I managed to fall in love with a good man and put my trust in him, even when my trust was about the size of a gnat's eye. It was enough. I was blessed with a whole lot of nurturing instinct which caused me to look at everything I did through the lens of being a mother and which influenced and instructed all my decisions.
And so much more.

Stay warm. Stay cozy. Stay wrapped in love, whatever form you can find to pull up around yourself, to lay down beside.


  1. Ok Ms Moon. I am not even sure who Keith be sure I was not in the debate. Please still love me despite my 20something ways....which are set to end in T minus 3 months when I enter my 30something days and hopefully I will be more up to speed :)

    Guess what? Of all fucking things -I made sausage tonight for my breakfasts for the rest of the week! How funny. Love.

  2. SJ- That is okay, darling. But I'll bet you this- I could play you some of his music and you would KNOW it. And dance.
    Enjoy your sausage!

  3. Those greens....look amazing and makes me want to eat salad right now.

  4. Oh yes, I would rock out to the Stones. I know the music. The people are another story :) Add listening to the Stones while we eat biscuits when I come to visit.

  5. The sausage looks perfect. Your bread looks divine. Your meal looks perfect. I must bake tomorrow. And why do you get to have such lovely handwriting too?

    About those last things you said, about having issues, being lucky to be here, having the nurturing instinct, being saved by your children, all of that - me too.
    It's a wonder, isn't it?
    Sweet dreams tonight.

  6. Your bread is beautiful and the greens, too. And the soybeans. And you and your hands and the wineglass.

    Who would get riled up over Keith??? He was (and is) a sign of the times!

  7. You cook such amazing meals, Ms Moon. Your blog posts often make me hungry.

  8. Yeah, I think you had to have been there. It was a different world. The beats, the folkies, the civil rights movement, Viet Nam, the hippies. It's hard to explain to people what it was like to be in the middle of it---it was like a spell. There was some magic there. And yes, there were casualties. But there are always casualties.

  9. Your bread looks divine. I wish I had a huge piece slathered with butter. I especially love the heel. Oh, I'm such a carb whore!

    As for Keith, I doubt those women believed their week would stretch into an eternity. So he spent a week doing drugs with them and then moved on. There are much worse things he could have done; many abuses he could have inflicted. I can't help but wonder if those women who may have been so desperate for love, still treasure the one week of "love" Keith gave them. Who knows, it might actually have been the best time of their lives.

  10. I love beans and greens. And bread is the staff of my life.

  11. i kinda get what you mean- it's hard to explain the whole crustcore thing to folks that have never gone to shows, especially the dancing part....people look at me cross eyed, and then when i start demonstrating floorpunch moves....they look at me like i'm nuts.

    we have all lived our lives, that's for sure. love does do strange and wonderful things to a body.

    ps i need to add a caveat to the KR post- it was perfectly ok to love him, just don't expect that love to morph into having a plot with him at the local cemetery- he's not the one for that kind of love.


  12. Oh, yum.

    I don't care about how bad or good Keith Richards was, I am pleased to say. But then, he doesn't really feature on my radar.

    Apart fomr this, teehee,

  13. Did you see the DVD Shine a Light? It was good. I don't judge others--He did his thing and back then it was quite a thing. Now he has a different life. Most of us do. Enough on that.

    For some reason I thought that you were going to put the sausage through a stuffer and make those links. I have an old sausage stuffer from back in my great grandparents day. I guess they would use the hog intestine to stuff the sausage into. Fascinating to me.

  14. Phew! I'm so glad no wine glasses were harmed in the making of your sausage *wipes sweat from brow*

    That's why I liked the Keith Richards quotes. I believe in the non-bullshit approach. Tell it like it is. Our world would be so much better and easy-going, don't you think?

    The salad and bread.. yum. I'm coming over.

    Liked the rest of this post :)

  15. Rebecca- That salad was awesome.

    SJ- Okay!

    Mel- It is ALL a wonder to me. I swear. Glad for you too.

    lulumarie- Those are Mr. Moon's hands! Hard to tell in the picture. He did the patty-making. I did the wrapping and labeling.
    You are right about Keith.

    Jo- That is wonderful! No, Keith, NO!

    Syd- I haven't seen it. I want to. And maybe next time we'll do links. Could I borrow your sausage stuffer? (That sounds vaguely dirty, doesn't it?)

    Perovskia- No Bullshit! Yay!

  16. Beautiful greens and masterful bread -- another fabulous, simple dinner. And non-greasy sausage, now that is a wonder! x0 N2

  17. N2- We are lucky to be able to grow greens here all year round. And for my husband to be able to bring home venison.

  18. Your bread is beautiful.

    It's mind boggling to me how one decision or a few, can lead one's life in vastly different directions. I'm glad you ended up where you are. Keith too, for that matter. I have his book on my Nook, waiting to be read when I finish the other 3 I want to finish first.

  19. i wish i had it in me to cook meals like that...

    working my way backwards thru this week's posts. off to see what got folks so riled up about keith


  20. Your grub looks really good. The bread is something else. Yum.

  21. I want to make bread...can you tell me how to do that?

    I love you my dear.....

  22. Those are gorgeous parcels. Like little presents to yourself to unwrap all year long.

    As for Keith, I think I may have reacted a little hormonally. :-)


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