Sunday, January 9, 2011

All OVER The GD Place

Sunday morning and Mr. Moon got up before I did and then he got antsy to go throw feed at the deer place (woods?) and he offered me two choices:
1. He could go do that and I could have breakfast ready when he returned, or
2. I could make breakfast RIGHT THAT SECOND and then he could go to the woods.


He's spoiled.
But so am I.

We mixed up the sausage last night and there was a bit of a vibe and an attitude about it. Neither of us knows shit about sausage and we're just making it up as we go along but Mr. Moon seems to have actually watched a video on the internet or something so when I just got into that ground deer and pork with my HANDS to mix the spices in, he said, "But, but, I'm supposed to sprinkle the spices over it while you mix because..."
He didn't really have a reason and I was disdainful.
"This will work," I said, and continued to mix, getting frostbite in the process because ten pounds of almost-frozen ground meat is COLD.

Mr. Moon never cooks but he has theories.
I cook all the time and I have theories too.

Based on forty G.D. years of G.D. experience in the kitchen.

The waters of peace were roiled a bit there for a moment but when the mixing was complete, I said, "Let's cook up a little bit and see how it tastes. See if we need more spices."

So we did. I made up a little patty and heated up the little cast iron frying pan and we cooked that piece of sausage and we ate it and pronounced it FINE.

And the waters of peace were stilled again and we were happy. We had made sausage.

Which we are going to have for breakfast with our pancakes.

When he comes back from the woods.

After we made the sausage and had our supper with Kathleen and Vicki and her friend, Ken and they had left and Mr. Moon washed the dishes (he is really getting good at dishes-washing and I have to give him huge credit for that and so I am) we played a little Wii bowling. I like to Wii bowl because I am so much better at it than doing it in real life where I roll many gutterballs and basically suck.
In Wii bowling, I stand there, my feet in mountain position and take a few deep breaths and roll that imaginary ball down the imaginary lane and I often knock all of the imaginary pins over. It's awesome.
What I mostly like though, is our little avatars. I think they look just like us.

And it's nice to be able to participate in a "sport" in which Mr. Moon does not have a huge advantage.

It's definitely imaginary.

So the evening ended up with us tied at bowling and all was well and now I guess I better go make up some sausage patties and mix up some pancakes. I'm pretty excited about that. Our very own sausage! And I have a left-over sweet-potato to go in the pancakes and well, they may just the be the very best pancakes I have ever made!
I wouldn't be surprised.

And I can't talk any more about that shooting or the fallout from it and after reading some of the paper I do not want to talk about politics, either, or how we keep electing officials who say they can do a great job because they are political outsiders and know how to run a company! and I say this- a government is NOT a company but is there to help the people of the district/state/country who need help and to build roads and schools and so forth and so SHUT THE FUCK UP and what the hell is the deal with Faith-Based Prisons?

God and guns and beans and rice
Two are scary, two are nice
Promise god and promise guns
That's the way politicians run
And what we really need is not
To fear a god or being shot
But just a chance to earn our bread
Feed our bellies, feed our heads
Schools and roads and doctors, too
Peace for me, peace for you
Help for those who need a bit
So please- shut up with this other shit

All right. That's my stupid, rhyming poem of the day and I should be too ashamed to put it there but I am simple, simple, simple people and I may not know how to make sausage but I can figure it out. It's not that hard. I think it's like a great many things- keep it simple and don't fuck it up.

And that's my sermon from here at the Church of the Batshit Crazy this morning and let us all open our hymnals and sing that fine old classic, You Can't Always Get What You Want (and remember that although this is true, if you try sometimes, you might just find you can get what you need) and really, there's no winning or losing in a lot of situations, just...could we find a balance? A tie, maybe, where everyone gets some of what they need and no one has to be a prick about it?

Yeah. I doubt it too.

Okay. Here are guest artists for the day to lead us in our hymn.

Amen, bless, keep it simple, don't fuck it up.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Amen to all that. I hope you and Mr. enjoy those pancakes and sausages.

  2. I think this may be your best sermon this month, Ms. Moon! And you keep kicking Wii ass! And wrangling the sausage!


  3. You are good Ms. Moon. And you have one of my favorite songs.

  4. Oh yes and you made me laugh Based on forty G.D. years of G.D. experience in the kitchen. ha and yes again and I find that I am unraveling toward you and it feels really good. Watch your mail.

  5. i've got an amen for that, sister...

    i'm going to have to try making sausage now that you've made it sound so easy...

  6. Here's to beans and rice, indeed. And schools and healthcare. Sigh.

    I LOVE your avatars. The kids were playing bowling on their friend's um.. Xbox thing... and Dade had a go, and the avatar was all short, and when he reached back to hitch up his jeans, so did the avatar :)

    And after flinging hte ball at the spectators heads a few times, he got a strike!! And did the perfect knee bend fist pump avove the head in celebration. It was the cutest.

    I have to get us all going on his sister's jealously guarded (and currently cofiscated for evil behaviour) wii.

  7. Beth- Oh. We did enjoy them!

    Ms. Trouble- There was really no center to that sermon, was there? Oh well.

    Syd- It's a fine song, isn't it?

    Radish King- When my daughter and I were in a sort of "gourmet" show yesterday in Thomasville we got to taste a fig and olive jam/relish sort of thing and I almost bought a jar to send to you and my daughter said, "Why would you do that?" And I looked at her and said, "Blog crush. Duh."

    Jean- Ground meat. Spices. Mix it up. Yum.

    Jo- Wii is surprisingly fun. Have I told you lately how much I love you, Jo?

  8. Radish King- I meant "shop" not "show". Another "duh."

  9. THAT is a rather perfect rhyming poem. I don't think anybody has said it better!

    And ah marriage with those little shifts of energy as two forces of personality try to attenuate. my mother used to say, "where there are no differences, there is indifference." That is sure not the case with you and your hunky sausage-making man.

    Happy Sunday, Ms. Moon. I've been to church here.

  10. I love those little avatar guys :0 sometimes if you sit there long enough..they will bop each other on the head ;)

  11. Mmmm your sausage sounds wonderful...even if the attitudes where flying high. The right amount of spice makes it good...I suppose that's true of both marriage and sausage making. :)

    As for your hymn, it's something we all need to say to ourselves time to time.

  12. That poem is pure perfection!

  13. Sausage! I want some. Hey, soon I'm heading out to see Mr. Owen, so you know it's gonna be a good day.

  14. Lovely poem.

    Might be worth house-training Mr Moon. Babes is very good at cooking breakfast, while my idea of cooking breakfast is to put some cereal, bread and cold meats/cheese on the table. He made me an excellent egg and bacon baguette for lunch because I refused to come out of bed in the morning.

    Probably not helpful that comment. Sorry.

  15. Angella- Your mother was right! Oh my. I love that quote. I love you, too.

    Lisa- The choir always rocks here at the Church of the Batshit Crazy.

    Michelle- And after "I" have rolled a strike, I bounce up and down behind the lanes. Ha!

    Mel's Way- It is all about the spice, isn't it? And you can dance your ass off to that hymn, which is why I love it so.

    Notjustafemme- And you don't have to search for the meaning!

    DTG- I know you will have fun!
    Kisses to all my boys.

    Mwa- Maybe not helpful but jealous-making.

  16. I love this post. I love your poem. It made me laugh.

    I haven't heard boo about the shootings because I refuse to watch the goddamn news or read the goddamn paper because it depresses SHIT out of me, and there is nothing I can do about it anyway.


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