Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I Am Doing Today

It's fun.


  1. The cute - it burns! They are so adorable. Can't wait to read what you did.

  2. You have them both! Good thing you're an experienced g'ma.

    And what cute kids!

  3. Lucky! You know Gibson is his own fella but I see a little baby Owen in him too. Have a great day!

  4. That Gibson -- I'm sorry -- his little face just kills me.

  5. They really have one each, Lily and Jason, don't they? Straight down the middle.

    Cutey boys, I love Owen's mischief face and Gibson's serious face.

  6. That wee Gibson is an old soul. I feel like he is looking at me and he is about to shake his head at my silliness.

  7. Oh man, I want to kiss those cheeks!!!

  8. How can you stand such sweetness??? Both boys are adorable. I am still in awe of how Gibson is so new and yet holds his little head up and looks with those big beautiful eyes. More heaven. Joanne

  9. Mel- We just did small things. Which are large with boys in tow. You know- played. Lunch. Grocery store. Exhaustion.

    Kathleen- Their mama was there too. Thank god.

    Denise- Aren't they gorgeous?

    Jill- We were looking at some old pictures of Owen from when he was a baby-baby and yes, Gibson favors him. He does.

    Elizabeth- And then when he smiles it's just the funniest, cutest thing ever. Morty disappears and a baby steps in.

    Jo- Owen IS Mr. Mischief. I swear. That boy is going to kill me.

    Birdie- I know. He's very serious. Until he isn't.

    liv- I can't believe either of those boys still have faces. WE KISS THEM TOO MUCH!

    Joanne- Gibson is a very strong little guy. He loves to sit up and he loves to "stand" up if you hold his arms for him. He's our monkey. Well, one of them. Owen's a monkey too although when I told him that today he said, "I'm not a monkey. I'm Owen."

  10. Very good photos! Gibson is such a serious little guy. I love that.

  11. A mighty fine day ahead I would say...


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