Saturday, May 19, 2012

Living The Good Life

I swear to you, the next time Freddy asks if he can do a few shots out here, I am going to ask, "What kind?" and if the answer isn't tequila or vodka, I am going to say, "No."

Oh. Not really.

It was a long day. He has forty-eight hours to write a script, film it, and edit it. And he spent eight of those hours out here today. I helped in my own inept way, mostly holding a sound device and don't ask me what the hell it was, it's not the boom mic.

I am also there for him to look at with a raised eyebrow (no one does a raised eyebrow quite like Freddy) to see what I think and also, I am there for him to throw lines at and say, "What do you think about this line?"
And then I tell him.
What I think.
I also provide bug spray, water, small snackage, encouragement, jokes, coffee, and directorial suggestions which are mostly (and wisely) ignored. AND, chicken behavior instruction. Part of the filming today was done in front of the hen house and twice hens were on the nest and then got off and cackled and Elvis ran to them and collected his hens and took them back to the flock and filming was delayed and I had to explain what the hell was going on.

But honestly, I am tired. Real tired. As in, I think that tomorrow, I am going to be right here, planted on my butt or lying down the entire day. It's time to rest and see if I can shake this virus although I don't have much hope for that. Jessie and Vergil STILL feel like shit and it's been two weeks for them, plus a few days. I have been invited to one cast party tomorrow and also one community gathering in Lloyd. I may not attend either. I might, but then again, I might not. I am old and I can do what I want. Or need.
Tomorrow may be one of those times. I have to gird my loins and energy so that I can spend a day with Owen and another day with Owen, his mama, and Gibson next week. I am suffering from lack of such-time spent. Also, I haven't gotten to see Hank in at least a week. And May's got a birthday coming up.  Gotta see my babies. The house work can go to hell and the laundry can languish but I HAVE TO SEE MY BABIES!
 And get my hands on them.

I just got a text from Freddy. He wants to take me and Mr. Moon out for dinner to thank us. He's a good boy, that Freddy. It's sort of funny that he brings a film crew out here and lets me meet people and see others that I already know and love and I don't even have to leave the property. I don't even have to put on a bra! It's sort of crazy but I like it. I think he's filmed at least four films here. When he gets rich and famous, he won't be coming to Lloyd any more so I'm enjoying it while I can.

All right. Speaking of my babies, Mr. Moon and Jason and Owen are on their way here after going out into the woods and tearing down last year's hunting stuff and I need to make a salad. I just talked to Owen on the phone. I said, "I'm making salad," and he said, "I like salad!"

It's a good life. Right here in Lloyd, Florida.

It's a real good life. 


  1. You know, I was wondering if Freddy was out there because I heard yelling and I believe cussing coming from the direction of your office... I think... and it was a man's voice and it sort of scared me. I almost called, but I knew it had to be something like a Freddy project.. but still you never know.

  2. I got all caught up and i must say, I'm so sorry you're sick but your question about making the most of each day (or not making the most of each day)...I went to the Picasso exhibit recently and damn, the man created hundreds of pieces of art. It's enough to make us ordinary persons feel like slackers.

    However. I must say about you. From here, I declare, you're an artist planted in the center of your vital life. And sometimes, it's ok to lie abed for a day or many days. It is.

    XXXX Beth

  3. liv- It was.

    Mrs. A- We shall see how it goes.

    Ms. Fleur- Oh dear. That was the Owen "Bullshit!" scene. Owen has a very loud voice. Not my grandson Owen. Owen with the beautiful face actor Owen. I'm sorry!

    Beth- Picasso was like a lightbulb that never turned off, wasn't he? He just glowed and lit it all up all the time! My god. We cannot compare ourselves to people like him. Right? Right?

  4. Freddy doesn't sound like the kind to forget friends. He will come back to Lloyd, just to see you, even when he is rich and famous.

  5. Sounds like a good exchange--to have Freddy take you and Mr. Moon to dinner for filming your house. Owen is cool for liking salad.

  6. Messymimi- Freddy's a great guy but sometimes, people just run out of space in their lives. This could happen. I understand it.

    gradydoctor- He does love salad. He demands carrots and apples before he goes to bed. Mmmm....Maybe he's part horse.

    Syd- I'm thinking maybe lunch. It was not a big sacrifice.


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