Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Mer-Mer

I was at Lily's house with Owen and Gibson, and Mr. Moon came over to play too. When he walked in the door, Owen grabbed me and pushed me forward a little bit and said, "Here's your old Mer-Mer!"

I swear. He did.

I love him anyway.


  1. Haha - no he did not! I swear that made me LOL at length.

  2. O my goodness... that leaves me speechless. Bwaaahahahahahah..... only a grandson can get away with this one!

  3. LOL.

    but in the midst of all that was his awareness that the one who would make his bop happiest to see was HIS old mer mer.

    he's reading his world, that one.

  4. I love the the things kids say. You should ask him how old he thinks you are and he'll say 26 or some such things. You're his sweet old Mer- Mer, like a well loved play thing, and that is all that matters to him. Annon Jo

  5. Owen is precocious. I hope that's a good sign.

  6. Oh, it's funny. Last year, my youngest (3 at the time) came up behind me washing dishes and I thought she was hugging me but she had her hands on my hips and said "This butt is too big!" I about died of the laughing. She's totally right.


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