Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have had a most satisfying day. I felt good enough to get some stuff done around here, which I did, and then I sat down and watched a movie I've seen more than once but which is worth rewatching just for the dancing scene alone.
I crocheted a little while I was watching the movie which was far more than I could do yesterday when I could only manage to curl up in a fetal position, nested in pillows, dreading the moment when I would have to get up and pee.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Joan Cusack, the rejected bride, runs out of a bar, into the middle of a road and yells, "Is everybody gay?"

God love Joan Cusack. I know I do.

So it's been a good day and I'm cooking stuffed peppers and I'm just so grateful to be feeling better, even if I know I'm not all the way well. 

My dogs are clean. Tomorrow I'm taking them to the groomer so it was a little bit like cleaning up the house before the maid gets there. Last time I took them to the groomer she spoke to me rather sternly and I'm trying to avoid that happening again.

We shall survive. I know Donna Summer didn't sing that song but it is done in that sort of disco spirit. 

For today, we did. Survive. I'm sorry that Donna has gone on. We all will. Might as well dance while we can.


  1. I'm glad that you took time to watch the movie. Sounds like a good day. It was rainy here which was really nice.

  2. I love Joan Cusack. Have you ever watched Peep and the Big Wide World? It's a really cool cartoon, and she narrates it. Look it up on Youtube, I bet Owen would love.

  3. Yes, we shall survive and Joan Cusack makes it so much easier to do so.

    Glad you feel a bit better.

  4. Oh lord, Steph and I love that movie. I swear one of us says "She was too old for Yentl!" anytime we see Barbara Streisand on TV.

  5. I love the fuck out of that movie. And Kevin Kline (WANDA?? how can anyone not LOVE Kevin Kline or any of the Kusaks for that matter!) and I have seen it many times. And I love that song that was also Andy Kauffmann's mirrored self (Tony Clifton's) song and I spent an entire summer wanting to look like Donna Summer in that huge white skirt with the wide black belt and that perfect behind. Damn. I never have had a waist nor a behind neither but I did not give up on my dream. Thank you for all of it Mary Moon every single day.

  6. So glad you are feeling better. Somehow I missed a bunch of your posts--like I was in a sympathetic coma or something.
    I loved the track from your daughter's band.
    I'm lying in bed exhausted. Maybe I'll watch that Kevin Kline movie.

  7. Love this place. Thanks for this.

  8. I have not seen this movie. It looks hysterical. I remember the great song. You crack me up in a good way. I am glad you are on the mend Ms.Moon.

  9. I am glad you are feeling better. What is the name of the movie?

    On the Donna Summer tip: I always thought she was an underated singer. She delivered live everytime she sang, quite a rare (these day almost non existant). "Love to love ya baby" haunted my adolescent years, and "Last Dance" ended every high school dance I attended. What a voice.

    You have a great voice too, one I am grateful for. Hang in there Sister Moon.

  10. I was just listening to her last month. So was awesome.

  11. totally loved that Kevin Kline clip. He is so great.

  12. Thanks for that smile generating clip this morning. I love Kevin and Joan too. You made words to a CSN song pop into my head "while they dance" from the song Delta on Daylight Again. Had to go listen to it on youtube, because the album is buried somewhere in my house. So double thanks.
    So glad you're feeling better, and thanks also for the Jessie music. I'm trying to imagine having that kind of musical talent in the house. Lucky, lucky.

  13. Syd- I want MORE rain! I am rain-greedy.

    Lora- Will do. Thanks!

    Liv- Thank-you, sugar.

    Jon- She had a contract!

    Darling Madame King- Ah. Well, you can pretend to have a waist and a butt, too. We are white girls, and as such...
    I'm glad you like that movie. It has just about everything I love in it. Although not every ONE. Bill Murray isn't in it. Or Johnny Depp. That one line, though, "But I have to take a shower and vomit!" cracks me up every time.

    Denise- Whenever you watch it, you won't regret it.

    gradydoctor- You have your own chair here.

    Anonymous Jo- Oh. You HAVE to watch it. You must.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- Thank-you for the sweet words. The movie is "In and Out." What? You've never seen it? I think you would like it. Yep. Donna had the voice.

    Nicol- Truly. She was.

    Ellen Abbott- And you know, he's considered to be one of our best Shakespearean players now.

    Mel- Another dream of mine I never even knew I had- to have a musical child. Amazing to me.

  14. That clip is hilarious, I will go and rent the movie. As one of the previous posters said: the Cusacks are always a blessing... And Kevin Kline is Sugar Coated Candy Man... (Glee)

  15. I remember that movie!!!! I loved that scene and I am a big fan of Joan Cusack's and have had a crush on her brother forever.
    She is so funny. I loved her in nine months, I loved her in Sixteen Candles and did you know she is the narrator of the charming kids show, Peep in The Big Wide World? Talented family, those Cusacks. Enjoyed your post.


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