Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, I did what I wanted to do today which was to go to town and see my boys.

The picture of Gibson is really of his mama whom I haven't gotten a good picture of lately. It's all been about the baby and honestly, I just have to say that I am astounded, over and over and over again at what an amazing mother Lily is.
That doesn't sound quite right, does it?
But still, you have to put it all in perspective- she is MY baby and as such, it seems like only a few years ago when she was just a child and now, here she is with these two boys and she is vastly patient and endlessly loving and she enjoys her children so much! I watched her playing a balloon game with Owen tonight and it just made me so happy.
She adores them, those sons of hers and I can tell that she doesn't take one thing about them for granted and yet, at the same time, she is completely relaxed and easy-going with them.
She is the mother I always wished I were.
She mothers from the heart and the gut and she's smart about it all and does her research but she doesn't overthink every damn thing. God, I just admire her so much.

And you can tell what sort of a mother she is by the way the boys are.
Owen is a love. Okay, he can be a Power Ranger and threaten you with his Ninja Power but then he turns around and hugs and kisses you. Several times today he just collapsed on me in the most snuggly way and it was heaven. He brushed my hair for me. He fed me chicken tenders from his plate with his fork at supper tonight. He is a loving, generous soul. And he's funny.

When I changed his diaper today, he turned over, revealing his tushie and said, "Put a diaper on my big butt."
Okay, yes. He is ready to potty train. But not quite or he would be. No one's freaking out about it and he isn't either. I think that one of these days he's going to say "enough is enough," and that will be that with the diapers.

And Gibson? Well. What a darling that boy is. He gurgles and he coos and he smiles and he grins and when you stick your tongue out at him, he sticks his tongue out at you. He sleeps for at least six hours straight at night. I had HEARD that there were babies who did such things but I certainly never had one. He is the perfect bundle to hold. He wants to stand up in your lap and he does, his tiny strong legs like little tree trunks and he wobbles and sways but he refuses to sit down. He is ten weeks old and I swear, he's almost ready to sit up by himself. I can't be in his presence without wanting to hold him, without kissing that face over and over and over again which makes him smile.
I mean- please.

And so that's what I did today. I saw my grandboys. We went to the Costco and Owen was not a wild child but a fairly well-behaved child, and he insisted on getting cherry tomatoes and he wanted his mama and me to go into the lawn shed with him and we did and his eyes got big and it was sort of magical to be hidden from sight in that great warehouse of a store. We ate everything offered to us and we bought none of it but we did buy almonds and the tomatoes and mushrooms and yogurt, too.
And then Owen came home with me and we played some cards and he watered the plants

 and we did this and we did that and then we drove back to town and went to supper with Bop and Lily and Gibson. Jason was at work and it was good to get Lily out of the house and we loved it, being with her and those boys and I didn't have to cook and no one had to clean up and so it was a lovely thing.

It's been a long, good day. I have some cookies in the oven for Mr. Moon to take fishing tomorrow and laundry is finishing up. I am looking forward to bed and a book, as always.
It's almost shameful how much I look forward to that. The bed and the book.

And tomorrow Mr. Moon is leaving for a few days for that fishing and Lily and Jason are taking the boys down to Satellite Beach to see Jason's great-grandparents and it will just be me here. And that will be perfect too, knowing that soon enough, my loves will be coming home again.

And I will be right here, ready to love and be loved by all of them.


  1. You should have called me about dinner!

  2. DTG- We should have! I just always assume you're too busy these days. I have to STOP that. We went to Piggy's. They actually have steamed vegetables there now. Plus, you know, barbecue and fried okra.
    I love you, baby. Maybe lunch on Friday?

  3. What a sweet post and a sweet baby! Two sweet babies, three if you count your Lily.

  4. Perfect indeed! What a lovely photo of LIly and Gibson.!

  5. Owen looks more and more like my Luka these days.

  6. Ms.Moon.
    Lily knew exactly what you meant by every gesture and word.
    Those babies are not in spite of but because.


  7. I think it's wild that you don't realize your Lily is a wonderful mother partly due to your own wonderful mothering -- or do you realize that and are just too humble and modest to admit it.

  8. Gibson is SO handsome. And makes me so happy to read what you wrote about her. A mother, writing that way about her grown daughter. Not common. xo

  9. Both of mine potty trained at 3, I think - the nice thing about waiting longer is that it's a doddle when you do it - no false starts or Freudian trauma!

  10. I think you had a most wonderful and relaxed day. The hairbrushing sounds lovely... Wished my granddaughter could brush my hair. ;o))
    You have a nice balance between family around you and being alone. I also hugely admire the way you write about your daughter. She is so loved and is able to translate that same love back to her children, so the circle is round. And Ms Moon: you truly broke the bad circle of abuse that at times goes over from one generation to the other! YOU DID it!

  11. What a wonderful day--and I agree with what everyone else here has said. Owen is such a good helper with watering the plants and everything.
    And Jason has a great grandfather??? So Owen and Gibson have a great, great g'father?!! wow!! I'll be in Satellite in two weeks.
    --Michele R.

  12. going fishing as well, but IN a couple days, not FOR a couple days, and without any cookies! Some day, maybe, someday.

  13. Good for Lily, letting Owen decide when he is ready for the diapers to go, and good for you for not disapproving.

    They are equally blessed to have you as you are to have them.

  14. Thanks mom! I don't always feel like a great or even good mother, but I have great kids! I think that helps. You know I wouldn't be half as good as a mon without your help and example. I love spending time with you and daddy. Thank goodness we have a family like we do. Love you so much!

  15. My friend Polly is a lot like Lily...just so relaxed and warm. I am at times a clumsy mother, wanting so much for everyone to be happy that I loose my footing and trip on my own feet.

    Also, you're just a super neat lady, Ms. Moon. I hope people in your real world, away from this blog, tell you how fucking awesome you are, and often.

  16. Yo- Yep. Sweet babies. And you know about sweet babies.

    Denise- I love the way Lily just enfolds her children. She is a complete and utter natural.

    SJ- He is such a BOY, you know? Your Luka is gorgeous.

    Deb- Nah. I can't take much credit. She was born to do this mothering thing.

  17. Elizabeth- Well, I did my best but the only thing I can claim constancy on was love. I swear to you. Many mistakes were made.

    Anonymous Jo- I agree. Pretty nice.

    Maggie May- God. I can't imagine NOT writing about what a wonderful mother my daughter is. Credit where credit is due, right? I observe, I see. I am proud.

    Jo- Exactly!

    Photocat- When I had my babies, I was so overcome by love for them that there was no choice but to give it as much as I could. They BROUGHT it to me. They are my teachers.

    Michele R- Crazy! I don't even think I've ever been to Satellite Beach. And Owen IS a good helper. He helped me carry the laundry basket. He volunteered! Of course, he refuses to clean up his toys so there you go.

    Magnum- Make yourself some cookies! They help with the fishing process. And you will get there. Mr. Moon has worked many, many years to get to the point where he can take a few days off. I'm proud of him.

    Messymimi- I trust Lily's instincts completely.

    Lily- I just sit back in awe. And believe me- no mother on earth worth her salt ever feels like she's as good a mother as she should be. This is just inherent in the job. I love you!

    Chrissy- Oh I am blessed in all sorts of ways. Thank-you, darling.

  18. Dear Ms. Moon, I think we all look back and wish we were better mothers. I think Lily is bound to be the beautiful mother she is because she is surrounded by so much love. And you taught her that love. Who could ask for more?

  19. What you wrote about Lily made me cry. Such a magnificent thing for a mother to witness in her child. You must be bursting with the wonder if it. Lily is indeed beautiful. A mother to her core. Having been loved so well, she knows how to love.

  20. I hope Mr. Moon has a good trip. Cookies to take are important.

  21. Birdie- She IS love, that girl. And I am so proud of her.

    Syd- Yep. Oatmeal and raisin and pecan this time. They will fortify and delight him.


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