Sunday, May 27, 2012

For Grady Doctor And Her Mama

That is what a Key Lime pie should look like, naked and pre-chilled.

It takes a good deal of restraint not to just grab a spoon and forego either chilling or topping. I feel sure that this has been done before, although never by me. I swear.

I do not recommend it. I can only assume that the resulting stomach ache would not be worth it.


  1. The stomach ache was worth it. :)

  2. My favourite pie. I had a piece in Chicago that was amazing. And it was a present from the waiter. I took it to my hotel room and put it on the windowsill and it stayed cold all night long.

  3. Rubye Jack- Really?

    Madame King- Was the pie in Chicago covered in meringue or whipped cream? I bet whipped cream. I bet it was good.

  4. *thump*

    That was me fainting for the second time today. Damn. Is there a doctor in the house? This is just too much.

    Hey--one ingredient that you did not list "love." This is why the sandwich your mama makes you tastes better than the one you make for yourself. Or why I have to prepare Harry's coffee. Therefore. I am quite ecstatic that my own mother has expressed her intention to make this lovely delicacy. I will hold her to it and smack my lips from the love stirred into it.

    And blog about it.

    P.S. Perhaps this will get my mom blogging. I always tell her about you. She's funny as hell so urge her. That comment she left was a huge step. HUGE.

  5. Oh, yeah. It's that tell-tale yellow/green color that makes it Gen-U-Ine.

    Wish I could gobble it up right this very second. We're making shortcakes with fresh apricots and strawberries for our barbecue dessert today.

  6. Gradydoctor- Quit fainting! I am running out of smelling salts! Ha.
    Love is always implied, I suppose. If your mama wrote a blog, I would read it. I surely would.

    DTG- I am not convinced of that fact.

    Elizabeth- No green whatsoever in these, I'm afraid. The gold of my egg yolks overcomes all. That shortcake sounds perfect! Have you ever mixed kiwis and strawberries for shortcake? Another good combination. The other day I combined blueberries and mangos. That was pretty unbeatable.

  7. Looks delicious. I have eaten cake batter and pie filling for years and not suffered ill effects. I must be resistant to salmonella.

  8. Syd- I think it's all bullshit, quite frankly.

  9. Great recipe. Making this tomorrow. A gingersnap crust sounds divine, too.

    Thanks for this. Thanks for all this.

    Sorry about the chickens.

    Cannot concentrate these days...

  10. Wow. That looks gorgeous. yum.


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