Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning

Try as I might I can't get a good picture of Flopsy and her babies. They move so fast.

I'm about to go get Owen to bring him out here while his mama takes Gibson to his "newborn" hearing screening and then to what she calls boob group which is a breastfeeding support group. Mostly she likes to do that to visit with other moms and also, to see how much Gibson weighs. He is growing so fast.

And here it is, Monday morning and it's cooler today from that sweet little rain with more chance of it today. I am unsettled in my mind but what else is new?

The chickens peck and scratch and bathe in the dirt. The little boy is coming out to see his grandmother. The dogs need washing, the green beans need picking, the house needs cleaning. All of the stuff that never ends, the different parts of the crazy quilt of a life and I feel the need to stitch it all together again, each and every day, this patch of blue, this square of sky, this leaf of green, this circle of yellow, the sun. Stitch them all together, they blur before I can hold them tightly enough to put them together in a pleasing pattern.

I do what I can.
So do you.


  1. Owen will LOVE helping to bath the pups and pick the beans.

    Maybe it'll stay cool-ish for ya.

  2. Gosh, yesterday's post was absolutely gorgeous. You can write, indeed you can.

    And the meals sounded wonderful, both of them - on styro and china - wonderful food!

    But I'm always so glad when you come back home - you simple and complex woman - so glad.

  3. I feel nearly the same way this morning, except more grumpy and far less poetic. I'm going to take the blanket that you've woven and hide underneath it.

  4. This morning we're going to buy some pullets (maybe four?) and straw and feed and water thingys!!!!!!

    Then I can write about chickens too, but not on the porch. Nope. The katz would be furious.

    XXXX from Seattle.


  5. Love the day quilt you have stitched together for us today. I feel like you told me the Peep story and with that I am off to bed. Hugs from France. x0 N2

  6. Yep, I do what I can. And some days, it isn't worth a tinker's damn. And other days, what I do is amazing.


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