Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Am A Gentle Soul With A Very Mean Heart

I think we have too many.
I went out this morning to fill feeders and let out the big guys and open up the roof of the nursery box and there were Curly Sue and a banty outside THEIR little coop-ette, trying to figure out how to get back in. I caught them and put them back (no easy feat and lots of screeching and beating of feathers and call the police! we're being accosted!) and I tried to fix up the place where they'd gotten out with a piece of plywood.
Good Lord.
And then I took Flopsy out of the nest and put her down in the big coop to scratch a bit but she and the babies were so upset and frantic at being separated that I put her back.
She's still sitting on the eggs that haven't hatched and it's time, in my opinion, to let those eggs go. Into the woods.
I recognize the sanctity of life and all of that shit but I think at this point we're going to be recognizing the smell of decay here pretty soon.
I now have seventeen chickens and that is more than enough for me.

It occurs to me that the older I get, the less responsibility I want. I am under no illusions that I control any-damn-thing at all starting with myself. This is good in a Zen-like way but bad in another way which is that I seem to have given up in a lot of areas which I should probably still be trying, at least, to attend to.

I talked to Kathleen the other day and she has planted four flats of impatiens. This is lovely and it sort of makes me want to do the same but then I think about the effort of having to water those impatiens, which I would have to do because we never get enough rain any more, and I just think, "Oh hell no."

The glory of chickens in my opinion is that you don't have to really do that much to take care of them. Provide them with food and water and fresh straw for their nests and a secure place at night and that's that. And now suddenly, we have all these babies and juveniles and I'm worrying about them all the damn time and I ALREADY HAVE PLENTY OF EGGS!

I'm about ready to do as my neighbor does which is to just let the darn things roam and if they get et, they get et, and so it goes.
But of course, sigh, that's not going to be how it is.

Okay. One more thing.
I read this wherein a pastor of a Baptist church in North Carolina extorts his parishioners to physically "correct" their children if they start showing signs of gayness and now I want five minutes alone with that guy and a baseball bat in my hands.You want some wrist-cracking? I'll show you some damn wrist-cracking. And head-cracking, too, you asshole. I'll be your worst nightmare- a BUTCH AS FUCK grandmother with a piece of hickory in her hand.
Yeah. I'm a pacifist. But sometimes...

Okay. We all know I'm not going to attack anyone but that doesn't mean I don't want to.

Over and out. I gotta go get my grandson. I might practice Hai-Ya's with him. Just in case I ever meet that pastor.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm with you, Mary Moon. I read that bullshit and wanted to head straight back to North Carolina and give that weasel a piece of ME.

    And, btw--I go through that same thing with all these animals I have too. ON A DAILY BASIS. Sometimes I think, I'm just too old for all this shit. (literally. shit. and puke. and noise.)

    There, I feel better now.

    Have a great day. LMAO

  2. It's your gentle soul and your mean heart that I love so much. Hec, we could handle that priest between the two of us. Would love that!
    Why do we need such suckers on earth?
    Live and let live!

  3. yeah. my sister had chickens. either they didn't lay at all or they laid so many eggs I was taking them in to the city to sell. she finally got rid of them after her husband died. that less responsibility thing. that and it hurt too much when one died.

    but that pastor now. I read about that. I thought what he was talking about was called child abuse these days. what an ignoramus.

  4. listen to this mans voice...make sme feel...i dont i wnat to trow up..usually such stuff makes me angry..but right now it makes me feel..sad..and sick...

    and i have a friend...he is gay...and by his appereance i m sur ethat pastor priest would think thats what a real man is like..huge..taller then me..all muscles..tattooed arms and a shaved head....and i totally wouldnt mind them two having a minute for themself so he could really show him how to crack a wrist...

    i mean..really...we have so much other problems in the house effects..polutions..whatever...and these people think about other peoples sexuality??? really?

  5. I'll take some chickens. Though it might make more sense for me to just buy them in California. My mom and I were plotting how to steal some of the free-range ones outside of Knott's a couple weeks ago. There were 3 roosters, I don't know how many hens and dozens of chicks just running around in their planters. We thought they wouldn't notice if we just snuck off with a coupla baby chicks. My stepdad just thought we were crazy.

  6. Here here, Dan. That sounds like the perfect solution.

    I'm not going to listen to it because... puke. What a deeply stupid man. All these people, with no grasp of human psychology whatsoever in the least slightest little bit :(

  7. I am just so tired of the idiocy of those self righteous Christians. The idea that you could beat gayness out of someone is so beyond ludicrous. That would be like beating a black to make him turn white. God knows they must have tried that too.

    God must be so ashamed. No wonder he never shows himself.

  8. We need to put that pastor through a spanking machine. It would probably turn him on, though.

  9. I guess a person can have too many chickens. You should sell the extra chicks and eggs maybe?

    About Pastor Sean - damn that man to hell. His brain is small and his heart is hard. I listened to the audio of his sermon, and his parishioners laughed. Damn them all for their fake Christianity.

    I know of 2 so called men of god who have turned their backs on their gay children. Jesus would cry if he knew.

    Well, thank goodness you have too many peeps to distract you from the ugly out there in the world. It's just too much some days.

  10. I don't believe for one second you have a mean spirit. Joanne

  11. My sympathy on all the animal care. Right now we are bottle raising 22 orphaned kittens for local rescue groups, and almost half of them have the trots (i'm waiting for the rest to get it).

    No matter the group you belong to, you find people in the group you wish weren't. That's all i'll say about such "believers".

  12. I share your anger. It never ceases to amaze me when clergy preach hate or intolerance.

    Good luck with the chickens.

  13. Oh, my. What Elizabeth said.

    My mom used to work at a shelter for gay teens who had been turned out of their homes (she was a bookkeeper there). Most of these kids had been hurt by their moms or dads or grandparents or whoever once the 'gayness' was apparent (or whatever that means). I can't talk about it anymore because this jackass pastor HURTS my heart. I just can't.

    Send a chicken or two thisaway. My family has an egg salad sandwich habit.

  14. I am destressing my life every day, by not taking on more projects, by saying no to book reviews, by just doing the things that bring me peace. I don't want to head up any organizations or belong to anything more. I want less responsibility and more time to just play. I am loving the irresponsible me.

  15. I know what you mean about responsibility. I tend to find myself avoiding it, too -- and the more I avoid, the more even inconsequential things seem to inflict. (Like chickens -- not that they're inconsequential, but as you said, they really don't take much work.)

    I read about that pastor too. The attitudes that pass for Christianity these days! After all, WWJD? Sheesh.

  16. The good pastor is homosexual. I read it. Folks who abhor the gay ARE GAY THEMSELVES.

    He needs a rainbow flag tattoo. On his forehead. I'm just saying.


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