Friday, May 4, 2012

Here We Are

So Mr. Moon and I drove and drove and drove yesterday, Mobile sort of never-getting-closer and us not even sure that Mobile was where we wanted to go and then suddenly, we were here and in downtown with no place to stay and we're both working the iPhones, me getting CUH-RAZY and coming up with Holiday Inns and Marriotts and blah-blah-blah and then Mr. Moon found this place online and called and the NICEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD answered and she said, "We're two blocks away, I'll go turn the light on in that room," and she did and we knew we were in the right place as soon as we pulled up.

It's old but not too funky but funky enough that we feel right at home. There's a courtyard with a fountain and a pool and every room is different.

So we're in downtown Mobile, Alabama and I've never been here before but I like it so far. 

Alabama is a strange place. We drove through parts of it yesterday where the biggest and most going concerns were churches and the deli at the convenience store where they post the hours of when they cut the fryers off. Then we drove through a small town that looked like they'd taken every bit of the wealth of the entire state and boiled it down and did a, oh, what do call that, a reduction, and every bit of space that wasn't taken up with bricks and paving was planted with what looked like a flower arrangement. Jesus. The shops, the cute little cafes/restaurants, the giant mansions! Lordy, child.

We kept driving.

And here we are. 

Tonight we're going to go see an old friend play music a few blocks from here. This is sort of but not really the reason we came to Mobile.

Ziggy Luis. I'll tell you how it goes. I hear that the place he's playing serves Tex Mex and sushi.

Mobile, Alabama.

Gonna go explore.

And then take a nap.

With my handsome husband.

I'm happy. Thank god I left the house.


  1. That is some serious wow. I have to think of all this. Mobile Alabama probably is the last place in the U.S. I'd want to visit. You certainly were brave to leave the house. (Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy Gale.)

  2. Chicken update: Flopsy's brood are especially adorable, what with all the running and peeping. Teenage bantams look more like birds than chickens.

  3. I like the southern towns because they have such a different look and feel, well culture I suppose.
    It looks like a fun place to be.

  4. I'm envious of your adventure and I love how you two venture. Come on y'all, Mobile is the place of the formative years of Jimmy Buffet...the first Mardi Gras started there with its history of French, Spanish and's the only seaport in AL on the Gulf Coast....and has the historical WWII USS Alabama there. Ny favorite singer, Shelby Lynne is from there and so many others and it gets its butt kicked by hurricanes.
    Enjoy that fullish moon tonight!

  5. Hope you have a grand adventure and lots of fun.

  6. I am so glad all is working out well and that you feel happy. And I'm happy to still be able to hear about the chickens from downtown guy too!

  7. I haven't been to Mobile in a long time. Glad that you are enjoying it. Life is good out of the house, n'est pas?

  8. "I said, 'Remember that time when the door got stuck and we couldn't get out?'
    'Trap,' he said solemnly."
    Loved that part of the earlier post. Before the Moon Man sprung you. And your escape to Al-a-Bam. Hope the moon is spectacular from there tonight. Bound to be if you have a couple of margaritas, non?
    x0 N2

  9. Madame King- I just know in my heart that if I don't leave, eventually I won't be able to which is fairly frightening. You'd be surprised how pretty Mobile is. Or at least where we are, which is in the old downtown part. Like NOLA without as much insanity.

    DTG- Bantys are not regular chickens. This I know. Thank you so much for your chicken tending. I love you.

    Stephanie- Uh-huh.

    Rubye Jack- It is funny how every place has its own history and resultant culture. Very individual.

    Elizabeth- Oh. We are.

    Michele R- Yep. Mobile is eat UP with history. It's a cool place.

    messymimi- Having all the adventure I can handle!
    And it is fun.

    Anonymous Jo- My boy knows what's important! Chickens!

    Syd- Oui!

    N2- The moon was pretty awesome last night. I am expecting even more tonight.


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