Monday, May 7, 2012

This boy astounds me. This boy is learning to do puzzles. The jig-saw kind. This boy is letting me read books to him and he is starting to pretend to read them himself. This boy loves to pretend. This boy helped me wash the dogs today and brushed my hair and gave me a hair-do and played chase with me and he played guitar on his broom while the Rolling Stones CD played and when I danced, this boy DID NOT DIE IN HORROR AND TELL ME TO STOP IT! He just laughed and played his broom some more. Then he played a little piano accompaniment. This boy ran at me today, full speed and grabbed me hard and squeezed and patted me. He fed chickens and helped me pick beans. He washed his own hands and brushed his teeth. 
For quite awhile.
Standing on the step stool that he himself pulled up to the sink.
This boy called out to me when he was in the bathroom, washing and brushing to say, "Mer-Mer! I no hear you. You all right?" which is what we always call out to him when we can't hear him.
He also rode his tricycle down the hallway and pretended to talk on the phone. I think he was ordering pizza. 

This boy is growing up. He is determined and as we walked home from the post office on the railroad tracks he said, "I beat you, Mer-Mer."

Well, as we say around here sometimes, Don't he beat all?

All of that, and he went home with a rock from the rail bed in his pocket and a purple flower that he had picked and also, my heart.


  1. These are really good pictures. The top one is especially nice!
    Yelp, he's growing up isn't he?

  2. oh, yeah. I know. My grandboy is 15. 15. He face timed me today which he does with fair regularity. Am I lucky or what?

  3. "and also, my heart." Stunning. What a perfect day.

  4. Rubye Jack- That top one is at the post office which is housed in the oldest still-remaining train station in Florida.

    SJ- Yep!

    Ellen Abbott- You ARE lucky.

    Lora- You know.

    Nicol- I think he is.

    Gradydoctor- And you know little boys. Oh yes. You do.

  5. Absolutely love this. Thank you, Boy and Mer Mer.

  6. give him a couple more years and he can shoot rats for you.

  7. your words...your heart, this flowering child all swept me away.
    thank you mer-mer, thank you "don't he beat all" boy!

  8. He is growing up as you say. And that is bitter sweet.

  9. They always run off with your heart, don't they? My oldest is 13and the only boy... I had to drop him off at baseball tonight (in order to coach his sisters' team) and he said, "Mom, you don't ever miss a game... this is going to be weird." and I'd have cleaved myself in half if I could have.

  10. It makes my heart warm, warm to imagine the love that boy will always have for you. Honestly, your influence on him (and us, who experience a bit of it through this blog) will carry him throughout his entire life. I hope you know that.


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