Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not Dead

My baby girl Jessie (that one on the right in the picture up top with the mandolin) is in a band. They're called the Cicada Ladies and three of them have been playing together since high school. Their high school was so cool that the school band was a bluegrass band.
Well, there might have been a rock band, too. I guarantee you that there was no marching band. Just dancing bands.
Anyway, I wanted to put this up there and you can either click on the picture to go to a link to hear them or listen to the song which I have hopefully embedded. I am getting used to the new blogger format but I still am not completely sure about it as pertains to embedding and HTML and stuff like that.

Isn't that a great picture? It was taken in our yard by the bamboo back a few months ago. I came home the day it was taken to find champagne bottles and vintage underwear strewn around my bathroom which made me very happy. The photographer's name is Andrew Greenwood. I think he captured the spirit of The Cicada Ladies with amazing accuracy.
I love those girls. They're going to be playing at this year's Stephen Foster Folk Festival. 
Lizzie is too. I guess I'm going to have to go this year.
Damn. The world just keeps conspiring to get me out of Lloyd. STOP IT, WORLD! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

I guess you can tell I feel some better today. I woke up last night around three and felt awful, horrible, aching, terrible but I took some Ibuprofen and went back to sleep and I have at least fifty times the energy I had yesterday which still isn't enough to bust a bronc in a ant rodeo but I think I could sweep the hallway if someone held a gun to my head. I might even walk up to the post office. After watching approximately ten episodes of Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis yesterday I sort of want to throw everything in my house away and take out a few walls and paint the place but I'm pretty sure that's beyond my abilities even on my best day and certainly today but I keep walking around thinking, "God, Jeff Lewis would lay down on the floor and DIE if he saw my house," and it's true.
He really doesn't like mouse poop. I wonder what he'd say about rat shit? If he saw chickens on the porch? If he saw chicken shit on the porch?
It's odd to put on different lenses to view one's world, isn't it?
It's not always as charming as you thought.
Shabby Chic is one thing. Shabby Shit is another.
He would ask me, "Did you get everything in your house from the dump?"
And I would say, "Well, not ALL of it."
When he is helping his clients clear things out he tells them to make three piles. One for donate, one for throw away, and one for keep. He would only allow me to make one pile and you can guess which one it would be.

Oh, la-di-dah.

I better go wash the dishes while I still have the energy. Take the walk up to the post office.
Then I think I might go watch some more TV. Maybe there's a Real Housewives marathon.
Oh shit. I forgot. I have to wash the dogs. I bet Jeff Lewis would tell me to get rid of them, too.
I sure wouldn't fight that suggestion.

Yeah. I better get busy.

Enjoy your Cicada Ladies tune.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Stephen Foster wrote the Kentucky state song :) You think of me when they play it, ok?

  2. Well, THAT is the best damn thing I've heard all week :)

  3. I have squirrels in my attic. That's probably not Kosher with Jeff Lewis, is it?
    I love that picture. If I could play anything I would play it all and be in a bluegrass band. I think the banjo is the happiest instrument on the planet.

  4. I'm clapping with delight! The Cicada Ladies sound GREAT. I'm thrilled that Jessie and Melissa have played mandolin and guitar in my kitchen. The world may even be conspiring to get me out of St. Augustine for the festival!

    You've energized me so much that I just may go bust a bronc at a ant rodeo...(I don't really know what that means but I can kinda visualize it)...

  5. Oh, proud mama, strut your stuff! That girl of yours sure did inherit some good talent and beauty to boot!

  6. Even when not feeling your best, you are funny and amazing.

    Wonder what he would say to 24 orphaned bottle-feed kittens from two different rescue groups in the house? Never mind.

  7. Good music. They are really talented.
    Who cares what Jeff Lewis thinks?

  8. SJ- He wrote Florida's too. He never even came to Florida, supposedly.

    Stephanie- I love my gals and their music.

    Rachel- Happiest instrument? Really? I have to think about that one. It's a cool instrument, isn't it?

    lulumarie- I have no idea what it meant either but it sounded funny in my mind. I could see me riding an ant, trying to break it like a bucking bronco.

    liv- She didn't get that talent from me, I'll tell you that.

    messymimi- He wouldn't walk in the door.

    Syd- Oh, I don't care. I just think it's funny to compare his reality with mine, neither one of them made invalid by the other. Or something like that.

  9. Congrats to your Jessie and the Cicada Ladies! I love that they got together in high school. I'm at work right now with no headphones, but will def take a listen later. You must be a proud Mama. Glad you're feeling better, too.

  10. lovely ladies all, and such welcome additions to the sound of this world.

    I've informed the director of the folk festival to take good care of them. If he knows what's good for him. Otherwise, he'll be washing your dogs for you!

  11. Angella- It is sort of an honor to be selected to play the festival. It's a big deal festival around here. I am proud. That song is a nice song about a hen.

    Magnum- I love knowing people who know people. Thank-you, sir.

  12. Love the ladies :)

    Maybe you should get in touch with your inner Jeff Lewis a little.

    Just watching the programmes is a good place to be though :)

  13. Hi I am the UK person who e mailed with you. Despite the difficulties I want to comment on your blog. You rock my world. So I think I have now got the identity LA LUNA but a technophobe so not sure. I love the 'Ladies' and I love that they say " We are not girls we are ladies' I remember the feminists we are not girls or ladies we are women! I said it back in the day but I rather like We are ladies in my dotage.

  14. Oh they sound fantastic! I love the pairing of the bass with a contralto voice superb! this music makes me happy. i tapped my foot! xoxox

  15. Jo- I'm not sure I have an inner Jeff Lewis but I'm pretty sure I have plenty of inner Jennys and Zoilas.

    La Luna- Well, I remember those days and I also remember that at least here, it was the thing for men to call women, "Ladies." I loved that. Still do.

    Madame King- I am glad you liked it. I surely am proud of that.

  16. As I said on FB, and I'm happy to say it again, those Ladies sound Great! Glad they have been honored by the festival. x0 N2


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