Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Issues Of A Problematic Nature

Be suspicious of any and all who claim to know The Truth whether they are talking about the Resurrection or alien abduction or how best to grow a tomato or karma or anything having to do with achieving-inner-peace-and-tranquility whether through medication, meditation or avoiding constipation.

Examine the evidence carefully because for some reason, some people just want you to believe whatever it is they cling to. The more the merrier on the life-raft!

Meanwhile, sharks circle looking for the tenderest toes and none of us, not one, is going to avoid the end.


I don't think so.

Blood smells like iron and salt. Rain smells like the way Willie Nelson sings. The ocean smells like our first memory and fear smells like something a dog can use against you. I hear that Willie Nelson's joint-roller uses a Frisbee to roll one fat one after another for his boss. I wonder who the first person to use a Frisbee to roll a joint on was.

I remember watching a friend of mine roll a joint once. She wasn't using a Frisbee but was just using the kitchen table. She put all of her attention on that task. The paper just so, the pot crumbled and soft, just right, laid out there on the paper. She rolled it up, licked it, lit it. I wonder why that memory stays with me. Maybe because it was an act of such utter concentration. I probably learned more from watching her roll that joint than I did in many semesters' worth of lectures in a classroom.

I didn't mean to talk about pot. One thing will lead to another.

I think people get stuck on one thing and therein is a problem. Maybe not THE problem, but certainly a problem.

Life is not all about one thing and no one thing can explain it all although scientists are working on finding one thing that will explain it all and when they do, I'll eat my words. Meanwhile, I find particles of truth in almost everything and so it all continues to be interesting and I study the chickens and I study the rain and I study the words that come from other people's minds and I study the way the resurrection fern lays across the oak branch and the way all life came from the sea which is why the ocean smells like our first memory.

I think.

Here's one thing I know: anything they advertise on the television is NOT SOMETHING YOU NEED.


When was the last time you saw a TV commercial for love? I am not talking about Christian Mingle dot com here, either. If your god needs a web site to help you find the love he wants you to find, there might be a problem.

Or maybe not.

Look- I don't know The Truth. I don't have The Answer. I sure don't believe in The Secret.

I probably don't even ask the right questions. But I keep asking them anyway.

Here's another thing I think I believe- if a religion requires you to constantly pray to your god for faith, meaning, you need divine help in believing what your mind (your own good mind) tells you might possibly be bullshit, then that, too, might be a problem.

Okay. That's enough. It's one of those days where I WISH there were more answers but since there aren't, I'm just going to keep on moving and try to knit up the tangled edges of what I know I can do something about. Some days, that's all you can do. Even as the great fish swim in the ocean, closer to the source of it all than I will ever be, even as particles do things I cannot comprehend, even as the universe continues to expand and contract as if it were a being breathing, even as Willie Nelson brushes his long gray hair and straps on his guitar and sings about blue eyes crying in the rain, even as this day continues what it started a very long time ago, I will do the tiny things I can to keep my mind from flying so far away that I cannot find it among the stars and I will keep my feet firmly planted on this illusion of stillness.


  1. On my way to work today, I saw a group of kindergartners playing tug-of-war: girls against boys. They were so small and pulling with their whole bodies and one girl had a bright pink hat on against the sun and there was truth there. I don't know what yet, but you could feel it.

  2. This has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I like the way you think (and of course, write). xo

  3. it is a being breathing. and truth is like the blind men and the elephant.

  4. I don't know anyone else's truth, just my own and that is shakable at times.

  5. I went to the Duck Blood store this morning cruising for figs (none) and singing along with The Supremes as loud as I could. So what? That's my religion. I bet The Supremes rolled their joints in a frisbee. I was the house joint roller because I learned to roll cigarettes first because I started smoking at 13 when I was on my own and all we could afford was loose tobacco and papers. I had nimble fingers and I still do.


    ps. This is so beautiful Blood smells like iron and salt. Rain smells like the way Willie Nelson sings. The ocean smells like our first memory and fear smells like something a dog can use against you.

    Yes. Sounds like poetry to me.

  6. liv- Or Namaste. Whichever. Whatever works for you.

    Rachel- Truth can be found in the oddest and most beautiful places, can't it?

    Stephanie- You know some truth, girl. Yes you do.

    Chrissy- Thank-you. So much.

    Ellen Abbott- One of my favorite stories because it is so TRUE!

    Syd- Exactly!

    Madame King- When you praise my writing I sort of die with happiness. I rolled pretty good joints when I learned how to use a dollar bill. My fingers are not so nimble. But pretty strong. They get the job done.

  7. I spent a couple hours on Willie's bus one time before a show; it's a long story. The short of it is, I might remember a Frisbee.

    Remind me to tell you the whole story sometime.

  8. my fingers were very nimble. i was a fucking artist and i didn't need a frisbee either. so there was that.

    i never understand why people need other people to believe as they do in order to believe as they do. can't we all hold our beliefs without foisting them on others, because then when your beliefs change and evolve it's just so much more efficient to follow the flow.

    each one's perception is her own truth. or each one's truth is her own perception. i never remember which way around it goes. but you get my drift.

    i love you.

  9. I have faith and pray for it to be in action. But my actions should tell you I have faith, and not any tract distribution or speaking in tongues or walking on water, although the last one would be pretty cool.


  10. Your first paragraph is a work of art. Your whole blog is fascinating and your followers who comment seem to be smarter than most. How do you do it?

    By the way, sorry if I attempt to push the Truth on you occasionally.....I mean well...... I really do.

  11. You're a goddam gift, you know that? Whether you claim to know The Truth or not, i tend to believe you have your finger on the pulse. My soul says so.

  12. This is why I attend the church of the batshit crazy.
    Can I get an Amen?

  13. Your lyrical observations are a gift to us all. I loved your comment about Willie Nelson as in he just keeps on going, no matter what.

  14. Does Willy Nelson really brush his long gray hair? It doesn't really look like it.

    Nice sermon, Ms. Moon. I'm inspired, even though I'm reading this at 10:00 pm on the west coast. It's going to carry me through the night, though, and pepper my dreams.

  15. I am always suspicious of people who are certain that they have the answers! But I think you're right that there are particles of truth in everything -- and I love your advice about television advertising. Now THAT is true, I'm CERTAIN!


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