Monday, May 28, 2012

I've Looked At Frogs From Both Sides Now

Gawd. What a day. 

It did rain. About fifteen minutes after I got in the garden. I decided it was just a band of rain and would go away and continued to work until I was black with mud and realized it was raining for real and came in the house, soaked and filthy.

I haven't done a damn thing since then.

I didn't want to work in the garden anyway. My poor foot swelled up like a little pink loaf of bread and my gardening shoe hurt it and besides that, my hand began to itch as if the yellow fly toxin had gotten into my system and was trying to work its way out through other body parts.

I took a non-drowsy allergy pill and they lied, they lied. It made me drowsy.
Or maybe it was the rain or maybe it was the air pressure or maybe it was Jessie leaving but I WAS drowsy and I still am, or maybe not drowsy but leaden. And mean.

I feel mean. I don't know why. I'm not angry at anyone. I just feel mean and unsettled and the rain did not one thing to soothe me. 

Oh well. 

I took a picture of a little green tree frog that was in the front window.

Then I came in and took his picture from the other side.

Look at his clever little suction cup fingers and toes. He didn't stay long. He's gone now. I hope he got a full belly of bugs and went on home, wherever home is.

Toad Hall? 
Frog Hall.

Flopsy spent all day with the other chickens but a few minutes ago, she began to call to be let in to the coop with her baby so I guess she's not quite done with being a mother yet. I think this is so interesting, watching how she is doing this separation thing. How does she know how to do this? Well, it's in her blood and her little chicken-bones. She knows. She just knows.
I admire her, which I guess is silly because she's only doing what she is supposed to do.
It would not be the first time an animal has been anthropomorphized and thus, made noble in human eyes, doing merely what instinct tells them to do. 

They had a cook-out at the church next door. Yesterday they pressure-washed the outside of it. Even in the rain you could smell the meat grilling and I could hear people laughing. It was a nice thing. And even that did not really make me feel better but it did not make me feel worse, either.

So I'm cooking beans and rice and cornbread and have a salad and we'll eat our supper. Mr. Moon is pretty excited to watch The Hatfields and McCoys on the History Channel tonight. Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Might be good. 

Damn, I make pretty cornbread.

I think maybe I'm starting to perk up, thinking about cornbread and honey. 

Tomorrow might be nice after all this rain. 

Let's hope. Let's all hope for a good day and greener grass right here on our side of the fence. 

It could happen. I promise.


  1. Two things: there's something satisfying about the word "mean," even if it doesn't feel so great to feel mean. And the other is that my dear college friend, Dean King, is featured on that History Channel show tonight. He is finishing -- or has finished -- a book about the feud that will be published next year. Woo Hoo!

  2. Elizabeth- You are right. I like that word. It sums it up in all its meanings. (Mean-ings.)
    Good on Dean! Mr. Moon is huddled up in the Glen Den watching right now.
    I think I am going to bed.

  3. Well, if you've gone to bed you won't see this, but I sure have loved reading you this week. Not that it was any different than any other, but it was just good, real good.
    Today was my 62nd bday - I might write about it, I might not. What's there to say about turning 62? But it was a good day - a good week and lots of good reading. Thank you.

    Love the nail polish - hope the foot is better tomorrow.

  4. Oh that foot does not look good... I hope u will be ok. I like those frog pics, nice to visit thru the window and then away you go! I am wishing you peaceful sleep.

  5. We used to have tons of those frogs at my childhood home near Tampa when I was growing up. We rarely see them now. Too much Roundup in our neighborhood these days, I suspect. Sad.

  6. I like those little green Kermit frogs. Pox on the fire ants and green head flies. But without them, something else would suffer who eats them. We are all connected, even though at times we might wish otherwise.

  7. Liv- Well happy birthday, honey! I'll say it and I mean it! My foot is better today. Thanks.

    Anonymous Jo- I love those little frogs.

    Steve- I think a lot of the tiny green frogs got eaten by another, larger, invasive tree frog from Cuba. That's my understanding. Very sad.

    Syd- I know. I completely agree. I just don't like it when I run afoul of these necessary critters. It's been a spring full of them around here.

  8. Beans and rice and Cornbread, a church bbq in the air, those little tree toads, those cute feet swollen or not - I am right there. Save me a seat in front of the TV.

  9. my grass is pretty green; good luck!

  10. Deirdre- Always.

    Magnum- Mine is too, baby. Mine is too.


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