Monday, April 30, 2012

Phone and Internet no longer going In and out, just out, simply that and it got hot today. The kind of hot that's oh-yeah-I-remember-this-hot, makes-us-cranky-hot; I have moved slowly.
I sit on the front porch and painfully type this with two clumsy thumbs on my phone with chickens for company.

Cut collards and mustards today and washed them and blanched them. I did. They're in the freezer. A lot of work for three batches. Pulled the plants too.

Three baby chicks now and I don't know if we'll get any more. The mother hen can carry them beneath her wings. They pop out like fuzzy accessories. She showed them the food and water. They are calm and self-possessed as if they knew they were entitled to life.

Mr. Moon gone out of town and I have sixty more pages of a fine book to read. TC Boyle's *When The Killing's Done* and it's a joy to lay on the couch and read it. If I ever get to the point where I can't read just shoot me.

Please. I mean it.

Tomorrow is Jessie's birthday. My baby-baby turns twenty three and how did that happen? Twenty three years ago right now I was prowling around like a cat looking for a drawer to have her kittens in, knowing that the process had begun, the tuning-up almost completed and the womb and the cervix beginning to do their dance together and I danced with that process all night and into the next day and there were magnolia blossoms in the room when she was born, creamy and filling the room with their ethereal lemon scent.

Oh, that darling dancing girl. She and Vergil will be down next week and I will hold her then.

A day, a day. It's been a day today of heat and greens and boiling water and baby chicks and my feet are black with Lloyd's black dirt and tonight I will wash it all away and lay down on clean white sheets and sleep well.


  1. It is cold and rainy and frustrating here today.

  2. Ugh, grody. Clean your feet or put on some Damn shoes!

  3. jessie's birthday is two days before mine! your sweet may girl.

    i love that porch picture. so much character.

  4. You blogged with just your thumbs? Wow. I hope your phone and internet get fixed soon, although you can blog pretty well without it.

    I can't imagine doing anything related to blanching - it is too darned hot!! What happened to spring?

  5. I feel honored, you blogged with your phone! You are amazing.

    Sounded like a lovely and productive hot day, wish I'd had the same. Fucking rain here so all activities are indoors and boring. But, no bombs to survive so I'll take that.

  6. O Lordie, you typed this up on your phone? You have more courage then I do.
    So your youngest chick is 23... I know that it will feel so good to have her home for a couple of days.
    Enjoy your reading time. O, and I love your porch!

  7. It's going to be hot here all week. I got the new iPhone today. My old one would no longer hold a battery charge. I can already tell it is faster. But to type a long blog is hard. I've done it before but prefer using the laptop.

    Your porch looks really inviting.

  8. I love that last photo of the light at the end of your porch. I'd like to set there a while with you.

    You need to visit our Radish King to see what's there for you.

  9. I got caught up and Mr Moon is my hero with whacking snakes that are trying to get baby chicks!!!! And I love snakes. But.

    we're getting a coop delivered this week. then we gotta buy straw and water and food thingys and a heater and some pullets.

    Yeehaw!!! We got some katz and a god and we 'll have chickens.


  10. Happy Birthday to your baby-baby!

    And, isn't a hen with chicks just some sort of mundane magic? I suppose all babies are, but carrying them with her?? Shit. That's precious.

  11. Jeannie- We're never satisfied, are we?

    daddy B- For you, baby. Only for you.

    Angella- A birthday? You? Happy coming-up!

    Jucie- Spring ran back and hid in the face of summer's heat.

    liv- I'll agree with that!

    Photocat- I love my porch, too!

    Syd- My thumbs are getting a bit more adept but it's still a real pain and very frustrating for me.

    Elizabeth- I did! Amazing, huh?

    Beth- You are going to love being a chicken-mama. Just...don't get too many. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

    See Kate Run- I can barely stand the damn cuteness.

  12. I love it when you put on shoes.

  13. You want to hear something weird, Daddy B? I just read that comment WHILE I WAS PUTTING ON MY SHOES TO GO WALK!
    Love you.


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