Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Land of Not-Nod

Since Mr. Moon and I caught this virus, sleep has been elusive. We sleep all over the house. Actually, I'm not doing so badly and sleep mostly in the guest room because he doesn't want to disturb me, nor I him, but when I get up to go pee at four and see signs that he's been up, I worry so much about him that I can't get back to sleep.

Our morning conversations are more like travel reports than anything else.
And not good ones.

Oh, how I miss normality.


  1. Liking the travel report saying. I know exactly what it sounds like... Mr Wonderful had a bad dream last night and hit me twice. The second time I got really miffed about it! ;o))

  2. Yes. Our whole house has been sick with various things for over a month now, and we've been sleeping all over. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. We sleep together even when one of us is sick. I have a hard time sleeping with out her.


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