Wednesday, May 2, 2012


God KNOWS I have my troubles with my mother but dammit, if I am nothing but the bridge between her and her love of babies, then I have done my job.

Lily and the boys and I went up to see my mother today and took her a plant and cards and candy and she was in heaven, holding Gibson. He gave her some of his precious smiles and she was the envy of all.

"Put him in my arms," she told Lily and Lily did. She'd been sitting on the floor, nursing that boy and she gave him to my mother and my mother...well, look at the pictures.

And then Owen came home with me and we had just about the finest time anyone could ever have. We played and we laughed and he told me that he needed wings for his feet and his arms and his head so that he could "fly up, like a bird."
We fed the chickens on the back steps and he said to them, "Chickens, I Owen. This MerMer," and he motioned to me. It felt like a meeting with the Pope or something. I don't know why.

I am cooking green beans and potatoes out of the garden. I got ant-bit, digging up those potatoes and I don't even care. I made my mother happy today, even if it was only because I am the mother of the mother of her newest great-grandbaby. Mr. Moon and I are taking off tomorrow. I have to find a book to read to him out loud as he drives me. I think we are going to Mobile. There's a story there. I'll tell it later.

There was a lot more. Fleas, baby chicks, a black snake when I went into the woods off the path to pee when I was taking my walk. That snake felt no more like a threat to me than the ferns which grow up in that spot where I stop to squat. He took off and I could only begin to register him before he had disappeared. My grandson, playing with the soap in the bathtub, washing my arms for me and demanding that I find the soap every time he lost it in the bubbles. He found it once himself and told me, "I see it with my eyes."

Those eyes. His mama's, his daddy's, my husband's. Those brown, beautiful eyes.
"Owen," I said. "You are clean as a bean."
"I not a bean. I Owen."
He is very sure about this right now. He is Owen.

When I am 85, if I ever achieve that milestone, I just pray and hope that I can be somewhere safe and comfortable and have my great-grand child put into my arms.  I wonder if that baby will have brown eyes or blue.
It doesn't matter. I will look into them and I will know that all of this, all of THIS, has been magnificent.

I am drowning in it right now, just as my mother drowned today in Gibson's smiles.

That's all. And that's plenty.


  1. That Gibson sure is darling.

  2. breaks a heart.
    you are a good woman Ms. Moon.


  3. The image of your mother and Gibson warms me from the inside out. After working in elder care for awhile, I must say seeing any one with their great-grandbaby shines some peace and happiness. Owen is too much fun- his self-assured talk makes me miss my own little one (who is with his Bobbi [grandma] as I type). *le sigh* Your life really is full.


  4. Glad it was a good day with mom, lily and the boyses.

  5. I am so glad for your magnificent day! And I ditto the above comment that you are a good woman.

  6. This is a beautiful story and you have indeed given your mother a great gift.

    As for reading material on the adventure you and Mr. Moon are undertaking tomorrow...have you ever read "The Hawkline Monster" by Richard Brautigan? Great reading-aloud-traveling-material!

  7. Precious comes to mind, in the best way.

    And David Sedaris recommends a book every time he goes on tour (I saw him tonight). He recommended and read from this crazy book called "Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals" by Gordon Grice. Maybe that would be a good one to read aloud with Mr. Moon -- you could download it?

  8. It's wonderful to see the generations together, Ms Moon, great grandmothers and their great grandsons. And you the bridge between with a little help from your daughter and her partner.

  9. This post made me smile, thank you.

  10. Dang. I smiled, I laughed, I melted a little bit, I teared up. Your mom holding Gibson is a beautiful sight.

    I, Owen. That proclamation made me so happy. Being introduced to the chickens by your grandson - too adorable.

    I get weepy thinking about making it to an age where I can see grandchildren, hopefully there will be grandchildren. But I feel so damn old and worn out already somedays, I turn the hopes down to just getting this batch raised and self sufficient in this crazy world. I guess I need to dream bigger.

    I love coming here to visit. I hope you have the best trip.

  11. how can you stand it? another beautiful boy living in your heart, alongside owen. your heart is big enough. i know it.

  12. A wonderful photo documentary of your mother with the wise Gibson. Love it.


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