Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't Read This If You Don't Want To Be Thanked, Don't Like The Word FUCK, Or Are Offended By George Carlin's Take On Religion

Thank all of you so very, very much. I haven't answered all of my comments from today but I will.
You don't know how much they mean to me.
Or maybe you do. Hell, I'm not unique. I'm just a woman who loves to hear nice things about herself. Most of us are like that. And so thank-you.
All day I've come here and checked to find what you've said and I've been overwhelmed and warmed.

And of course, wondering what in hell y'all are thinking to be so nice but you know, that's human too. To think to oneself, "Boy, I've really fooled THEM!"
Unless you're an egomaniac which I don't think I am but then again, I could be.
Who knows?
Not me.

Another thing I've done all day is to laugh to myself about the link that Elizabeth put up today.
If you haven't gone here yet, just do it.
You know my favorite word in the English language is "fuck" and this site has fuck on every page. Used in such a tender loving way.
Lord, Lord. I love it.

Okay, here's something my friend Harvey sent around today:

St. George Carlin.

We are so lucky to have had him.

I'm not a religious person but that does not mean I don't believe in saints.

Well, it's doing that thing where it's raining somewhere nearby. The sky has been pewtered and lightening-split and yes, we're getting the tiniest pattering of rain drops. One lone frog is begging for more. I join him in spirit. I've got what might be my last pot of collards and mustards for the season simmering on the stove. They've been simmering for hours because at this point in the year, there is no tenderness to them. The chickens are completely unconcerned about the weather and are going about their last bit of scratching for the day and every now and then the wind picks up and tosses the magnolia branches.

The earth itself yearns and the air is literally running hot and cold like a woman who can't make up her mind about whether or not she's going to go home with the guitar player at the end of the evening.
Maybe she doesn't even know.
And if she does, she ain't saying.

There you go. That's it from Lloyd, Florida today. At least from my little bit of it.

I'm so glad you came by.


  1. My goal for the day is to work "fuck your barn star" into conversation.

  2. Like Steph, "fuck your barn star" was my very favorite one -- and why I posted the photo at the top.

    I'm glad the laughter is catching --

  3. That WAS hysterical. All the fuck this fuck that of decor - especially the BARN STAR !!!

    But on the other hand, you do, you really, really do matter so much. And I love it when a girl sucks a compliment up and wears it with style xx

  4. LOVE this!

    George Carlin = so great!

  5. I have a barn star, painted red and used at Christmas :)

    Haven't been on the web much for a few days/week, hope you are good?

    love love to you.

  6. Deb, I have a good handful of the things that web site makes fun of. Including a barn star :)

    But to be fair, my mom bought it and my son stole it from her.

  7. Fuck is one of my favourite words too. It is a lovely multi-purpose word.

  8. I believe in a power greater than me, but it isn't the church for sure. The church is run by humans and we manage to fuck up just about everything that we touch, so because of that, I believe that the churches are mostly fucked up as well. I may be totally wrong about that, but my experience with organized religion hasn't brought me comfort and warmth.
    Anyway, I do respect the thoughts of others who fervently believe in the God in the sky and their church. I was born without the gene for churchiness.

  9. George Carlin had it all figured out. And he knew how to tell us. There were times I listened to him and wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, just as I sometimes do with you. You know how to tell us, too. I love you both!

  10. you can have a saint without believing in religion just like you can pray without sending it to someone's god.

    i love me some george carlin. he and eddie murphy taught me the poetry that is contained within well phrased profanity.


  11. It has been a glorious past couple of days weather-wise, huh? I know that I am under your spell. Love the yarns you spin. You are my coffee mate (meaning i enjoy you with my morning coffee). Congrats on all that has developed the past four years.
    --Michele R.

  12. kisses.

    from a girl who always knew she would go home w the guitar player.

    xo d


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