Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guilty, Your Honor

My phone and internet are back and really, I should do a vlog about how I talked to the phone repair guys and how they talked to me because I do those accents REALLY well, those local phone-guy accents. They are such dear men, mostly. They had a LOT of phones out and they have fixed us all up. They are sort of like heroes. And I love the way they talk. They always call me "ma'am."

Anyway, god, it is hot and I'm just back from spending the morning and part of the afternoon with those boys, those boys, and their mama. She had an appointment with her midwife and so I watched the boys while all that six-weeks postpartum stuff was going on and then we took the guys to lunch, the little guys, and then the grocery store and I AM EXHAUSTED and hot. Did I mention hot?
And I stayed up too late last night reading that book and I woke up about fifty times and this morning I fed dogs, cats, and three different groups of chickens and then went to town and so yes, I have to take a nap.
But I wanted to say that I am so behind on YOUR blogs, YOUR worlds, YOUR words and I'm sorry and I just feel so hot (yes, I am hot) and fat (you should have seen what I ate for lunch) and I'm cranky because I'm hot (and fat) so I'm going to go lay down now with the fans on and I am going to tuck all my guilt away in an old purse I keep in the top of the closet.

It's Jessie's birthday. My darling little girl.
It's my mother's birthday too. We were going to take her to lunch but another friend beat us to it and she suggested that she COULD go out to supper but I, being the horrible daughter I am, said, "Oh. Well. I'm not sure that will work for everyone," and we'll take her out another day and she was fine with that.

I might need TWO old purses in the top of the closet to put my guilt in, which is fine, there are plenty of purses up there. Sequined and leather, both.

Yes. I have a guilt-problem. And yes, I feel guilty about that too.

Love you truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I just read the blurb for "When the Killing's Done." It sounds like a good T.C. Boyle story. "Drop City" remains a big favorite of mine. That guy is one prolific S.O.B.

  2. I can't comment on your guilt problem, as I suppose I have one too. Ah well.

    Supper out as well as lunch would surely have upset your mother's stomach, though,

    Ach, I haven't seen my 94 year old grandmother in weeks. It goes on...

  3. Mother and daughter birthdays all at once I'd head for bed too naked with a bowl of ice and a fan on me and my book for true were I Mary I would.

  4. Happy birthday to your baby! And your mama.
    Your guilt needs to take a vacation to Cozumel.

  5. That dang guilt needs to lie down and take a nap. A looong one.

  6. Juancho- Have you read his Tortilla Curtain? My favorite. This one was good. Drop City was good. In my opinion.

    Jo- Right- I was only looking out for her best interests!

    Madame King- I am going to have to turn on the AC. It is all just too much to bear.

    Lora- Your lips to god's ear. You're a praying woman. Put one in there for me, honey!

    Denise- I would buy guilt a one-way ticket to Mars if I could.

  7. Love the purse idea, god, that's fabulous. I have old purses, I could do that, couldn't I? Do you think shame would fit in with guilt?? I'm gonna' try it! Thanks for the tip :)

  8. Horrible? Guilty? Because lunch works better for you than dinner, and your mom is fine with it?

    Some moms i know, who are travel agents for guilt trips, would have not only not been perfectly fine with going another day, they would have spent the rest of the year talking about how neglectful their children are on their birthdays.

    Could you accept amnesty from feeling guilty about this? After all, it's just a way to make sure she has the fun more spread around, instead of all constricted into a single day that can be overwhelming.

  9. Honey, you live in the tropics!!!

    And guilt-well my older daughter is talking divorce and it must be MY FAULT. Not!!!

    Anyway, I'm more into shame myself. Guilt can take a hike. But shame? Now there's a snarky devil.


  10. spending time with boys.... yummy!

  11. We need a no guilt pact.
    Rest and take care of yourself.

    ( quietly resumes life of guilt...)

  12. Mama will enjoy lunch another day more than she would have enjoyed supper on the same day she'd already been to lunch. Turn on the AC! I'm in West By God Virginia and I turned it on for an hour or so today because Lord, it was oppressive. The pool gets filled next week and I can't wait.

  13. Happy Birthday, beautiful


  14. Hope that Jessie and your mom had great birthdays! I like birthdays--they just seem so happy.
    It is starting to get hot here. AC is on. Mornings are cool but the afternoons are not. Life in the South, right?

  15. Ok -- Gibson looks like you and Owen probably does too. That is my pronouncement for what it's worth. I like your guilt in the handbag idea. Goes for worry, shame, and any other crap that seeps into our otherwise lovely lives. No matter how guilty we are, how much we worry, or how shamed we feel - it's not going to change a thing. That thought keeps me sane. It's all just a waste of time and energy. If I may be so bold, when you spend too much time with your mom, it seems to do something to your well-being and if I am correct, I truly understand. And I also think whenever you take her out, she's lucky. And furthermore, I may have said too much and if I've presumed and pronounced too much, I hope you know there is no harm intended. Joanne

  16. I surely will, although, maybe your little short trip will help out some. You can leave the guilt behind!


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