Wednesday, May 16, 2012


First things first.
If you haven't gone and visited Grady Doctor yet today, please do.
I am just so proud of her. She is one of our community and she is one of many communities and she won a very prestigious award at Emory and I'm not surprised but what made me cry (and I mean really cry, not just tears welling-up) were the pictures of her and her daddy who flew in all the way from LA to Atlanta to see his Dr. Baby Girl win this award. And surprised her.

Sometimes it really hits me hard that I never did and never will have a daddy to love me. I may be fifty-seven years old but there is still and always will be a baby girl inside of me who wishes with all her heart that she had that. I don't usually think about it. I mean, if you're born without something essential, you learn to go on without it. But. There is always an empty place where that something should have been.

Anyway, go over and read what she had to say and look at those beautiful pictures and leave her a note of congratulations if you feel like it. Get a little teary. I sure am going to miss that woman when she becomes a real book author and leaves the blog world. If she does. Leave the blog world. She WILL become a real book author. This is without-a-doubt part of her future. I don't know everything but I sure do know that.

I'm pretty sure I have the Asheville Crud. This looks to be a gnarly illness. Jessie thought she was getting over it and just texted me that she has a temperature of 101 this morning. Whoa! That's nothing LIKE getting over it. That's like, You have successfully completed Phase One of this illness, you are now entering Phase Two.

I feel sorta like shit and my throat hurt really bad when I got up and I'm congested as hell. Luckily, the only thing I really have to do today is WASH MY HAIR which has been soaked at least four times with sweat since the last time I washed it and can only imagine. Just thinking about taking the energy to get up and go get in the shower and wash my hair is dispiriting me. How silly. It'll feel good. I know it will. I even put on a dress when I got up this morning, an old bag of a linen thing, instead of my overalls or walking shorts because I'm not even going to pretend to get any work done around here.

It sounds like one of my chickens just laid an egg the size of Detroit. Maybe it's a golden egg. Whatever, she sure made a fuss about it. Elvis has come to claim her and take her back to the flock. That boy never gets to rest. He is on duty, 24/7. Such a good, sweet, responsible rooster. It makes me so happy that we have four of his chicks now.

This sure is a rambly post. Sorry.

I have to go lay down now.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Mission accomplished.

Now maybe the health department won't come and shut my head down.


  1. I am streaked with dirt and have to shower. But I feel like being lazy and not driving anywhere. Yet, there are miles to go before I sleep.

  2. rambly it may be but I feel like I've been transported from my wet wednesday in London ..... I thank you!!

  3. I'm having a hellish day at work, and realllyyyyy want to lay down with you. Can I?

    BTW...that crud is the worst. I was sick for a solid month. Hang in there.

  4. hope you feel better. I had a mom and still wished for a mother that was loving and affectionate. my report cards from grade school always noted how clingy and needy I was but it was just because I wanted some affection, something my mother wasn't able to give.

  5. the one thing your daddy did for you is he taught you how to recognize a good man. you knew what a good man wasn't, and by god you learned the lesson of what a good man is. when you miss the fictional daddy in the clouds, let your good man wrap his long arms around you and know that you got riches in this life anyway. hugs, dear mary. and yes, that dr. kim, she is something fierce.

  6. Ack, I find hair washing is bad for the lurgy. But then, sometimes, it's worth the slight deterioration to feel clean again :)

    Hope it's not the Crud, and you're better soon.

    Jesus, I just played the WV because I couldn't read one, and damn, what sort of subliminal message horror is that??

  7. Sister Moon -- You know how I feel about you already. And this? This just touched me deep in my soul. I love being a part of your community and a part of your porch and a part of your proud. And let me just say it here although others already have -- you give so, so many people hope that, yes, you can have hurtful things happen to you as you grew up and no you don't have to forget them but you can learn how to love. You show us that every day. This post? Linking to my blog? That was an act of love. Just like all of the photos of the kids, the family and your sweet Mr. Moon. Remember how anxious we all were waiting for Lily to have the baby? That's because you made him our baby, too, just like Owen is ours and you share your Mer-Mer with us.

    So thanks for that. Thanks for being strong for so many who thought it wasn't possible. And thank you to Mr. Moon for being who he is--the kind of man that loves you that hard and still sits on the edge of the porch imaginary fishing with his little grandson.

    You = the truth.

    I'm proud of you, too. Acute-on-chronically proud.

    xo, Sister Gradydoctor

  8. Jeepers, first you made me go over to Gradydoctor for a good little cry, then I come back and cry a little more from these comments. She's right, you know. You both are.

    Feel better soon. I can't stand being sick, I'm the worst whiner. I just want to go to sleep until I wake up better. Take care.

    Oh, and your random posts are better than most planned out ones.


  9. Oh yes, what Mel said. I went over to gradydoctor's for the first time and the tears flowed over her beautiful post even though I'd never read her before.

    You are both amazing writers-of-the-truth and I bow my head to the two of you.

  10. You are very pretty Ms. Moon, wet hair and all. I hope you feel better really soon. Joanne

  11. Hi there. Finally made my way over from Denise's Divorceville. I have enjoyed reading your comments for quite some time now, and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with what I found. Loved your recent posts especially the one pondering where dreams go when they die...

  12. Syd- Showers are wonderful.

    Young At Heart- Well, I guess that's a good thing. Thanks for coming along.

    SJ- No! You cannot lay down with me. You would get THIS crud and it may be different from the crud you already had and that would be terrible. Otherwise, of course.

    Ellen Abbott- My mother WAS my third grade teacher. I can't remember if she wrote herself any notes on my report card.

    Angella- Amen on all of that, baby. Thanks.

    gradydoctor- I am just SO proud of you. As if I had anything to do with it, which I don't, but I am as proud of you as if I had. You. Are amazing.
    Thank you.

    Mel- I'm glad you went and visited our sisterdoctor. It's always worth the trip. I sort of want to hibernate until this is over, too.

    lulumarie- Well, go visit that lady often. I bet you will. I love you, girl.

    Joanne- I sure don't feel pretty but thanks.

    Wrinkling Daily- Hello! And welcome. Come be part of our little community if you want. We are real friendly here.

  13. Oh for goodness sakes. It erased my fricken reply.

    Just know that I love you and daddy's are usually not all they should be. There are many more now a days that are, but... Ms Lister says it well.

    Hoping your not getting the creepy Ashville crud! ouch!


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