Tuesday, May 29, 2012

People Wonder

Why I get Esquire Magazine.
Let me illustrate.

 Lord. That face. Plus- who knows? Maybe I'll some day need to be a man. These things DO happen and if they happen to me, I'll be ready.

They can call it fiction for men but fuck that. 

 Excuse me? Yes! I think I'll join you. Packing my nightie now.

My boyfriend. It's not a big secret.

Page 48.

And then, well...

This doesn't hurt my feelings either. It's not JUST his face. Another boyfriend of mine.

Plus- recipes AND sex advice?
Okay, I can live without the man's fashion stuff. I mean really- that's a whole world I care nothing about.

But bang for your buck for good manly writing and stuff?

Esquire. Every month.
Makes me happy.

Even the pictures of the women with bosoms. Who doesn't love a beautiful woman with nice bosoms?

If I ever DO need to become a man, I already have that one figured out.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Men DO seem to love Colm McCann, though.

  2. Bruce and Bill in the same issue? I'm going to have to buy it. I adore them both, and you too for that matter.

    I've been reading, but too busy to comment. I've been here though, always will be.


  3. I am a fan of Stephen King. I believe that I told you that I sat right in front of Bill Murray at a local basketball game.

  4. Jo- And I shall find out why.

    Akannie- Exactly!

    Mel- Glad to know you're here, baby.

    Syd- Yes. You told me and I am still jealous.

    Madame King- It's like greedy heaven. For me, at least. I refuse to say "guilty" pleasure. REFUSE!

  5. Just a little advice, Mrs. Moon: Don't pack the nightie.

  6. Have you seen the trailer for "Hyde Park On Hudson"?????

  7. The female equivalent to Esquire is like fucking Cosmo. What a crap magazine with horrible sex advice. All they tell you to do is massage each other's butts and take showers in every shower in the house. Well my only other shower is a horror movie shower in the basement of my house. No thank you.
    I'll take male sex advice any day. No bells and whistles.
    I may be their newest subscriber.


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