Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Mer-Mer Is Tired As Hell

But it was an a really good day.

Mean Aunt Jessie got home and made Gibson cry.
See? He can fuss.
Look at that lip.

 The two-month-old teething child.

 Owen being goofy with pretzels.

 Gibson and his cute papa who washed the dishes. I love you, Jason!

And oh- the cop DID show up and told his side of the story, which was a LIE, and Jason and Lily told their version, which was the TRUTH and the judge is going to render a verdict within ten days.

This is ridiculous. By the way, it was a Highway Patrol Officer.

Gibson and I got some major flirt time in today. Also, I rocked him to sleep twice. And told him stories. And sang to him.
I think he's learning to like his old Mer-Mer.

Yeah. I'll stop calling myself that pretty soon.

Or not.



  1. Time for a nap for me too. Rowed hard tonight. Nice photos and Gibson is too cute.

  2. No, no, no. You must always be Mer Mer!

    Police officers where I live have become assholes too. I actually know an officer that retired early because there is so much shit going on. It is sad because it used to be such a noble profession. The Police were bigger than life and upheld justice. Now they are either committing crimes or being bullies. (We have an officer in my province that killed someone while under the influence. You know what his punishment was? Nothing.

    Poor Aunt Jesse. My sister used to make my daughter cry by just walking in the room. It was funny as hell actually. Now they are the best of friends.

  3. That bottom lip is soooooo cute and doesn't seem to faze mean ol' Aunt Jessie at all. And I see she won him over in the end!

  4. I forgot to say Jason is so beautiful and comfortable holding his baby boy. His face is so kind. He seems like a great dad.

    That cop don't know shit.

  5. That baby has the CUTEST smile ever! Look at him. I have to laugh whenever I look at his smiles.

  6. I want that face of Gibson for my screensaver - it's fabulous!!!

  7. The beauty of your family never ceases to amaze me :)


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