Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunset Time

The children have come and gone and it was so much fun to have them here. Owen was a bit stunned to discover that Mer and Bop have another house and that Jessie and Vergil were here too.
Are you kidding me? Next thing you're going to tell me is that Mer used to be an exotic dancer! Why didn't anyone tell me this?!!
He loved it. The bay is perfect for kids. It is shallow and calm and there's plenty of white sand to dig in. He ended up naked as all kids should, happy as the prince of Dog Island.

Gibson was his happy self and ate and napped and grinned and cooed.
When they left, Owen was sitting in his grandfather's lap driving the Jeep.

And thus, yes, the ghosts fade away.

I took a nap after they left and I slept so hard and woke up to find Julia and Hap and Mr. Moon and Jessie and Vergil sitting on the back porch eating cheese and bread that Julia baked yesterday in Asheville and drinking a beer, everyone happy and content and now the fellows are out in the shallow bay, fishing and Jessie's wading in the water and Julia is playing fiddle and the skimmers fly by and the pelicans fly in formation, glide, glide, glide, flap, flap, flap and the mullet jump and we saw a pod of dolphins way off, lazily making their way to wherever they go for the night.

Once again I learn.

It never ends. If we allow ourselves.

Thank my lucky stars I have this man, these children, these grandchildren, to force me to remain open, to force me to keep my options open, my heart, my soul.

The air smells of salt and iodine, blood and iron. This is life.


  1. oh my, it's like a secret paradise! Thanks for the glimpse - and just look at that little Gibson boys grin!

    Glad the other stuff faded a little and that you sound good. Enjoy!

  2. I hiked until my legs fell off. Sometimes I'm running from the weasels of memory. Sometimes I wanna get to the top to see the glorious mountains in my back yard.

    Nature heals. So do babies. Yours are squeezable.

    XXX your friend Beth

  3. Yes. That's a very captivating baby.

  4. Thanks for that glimpse of paradise. Dog Island reminds me of Goat Island near here. Little Gibson is awesome.

  5. I concur with Liv and Syd. I had something else to say but all I can focus on is Gibson's sweet, sweet face! What a precious doll! Thanks for sharing and I am glad the ghost are fading because what is in your today is really glorious.

  6. Mer mer and Bop have another house. Doesn't that beat all? I wish I could be inside Owen's head for a minute.

    And what an enchanting place it is. Waves of vicarious happiness are lapping at my shore.

  7. I'm so glad your ghosts are fading. What a beautiful setting. What a beautiful family! Gibson's smile steals my heart.

  8. I thank your lucky stars, too. The photo of Aunt Jessie and her new baby nephew is so sweet.

    Love to you all.

  9. Owen as a new Prince of Tides...
    Gibson smirking at the world knowing something none of us knows. That picture made me giggle out loud. (The last shot! Too funny).
    Glad the bruises on your soul get some respite on Dog Island.

  10. Oh my god, that boy is getting so cute. He's completely adorable. Even the top of his little head in Jessie's hand... arg!

  11. Sweetness! I am so happy it was a happy trip.

  12. Love, love, love these pictures and all of the happiness and love they hold. So glad it went well for you all on the island.

    That picture of Jesse and Vergil and the baby is a taste of events soon to come, me thinks -- like a glimpse into the future.

    Sending love to you and yours. xxx000 N2


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