Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am so tired. I will let pictures tell the story.


  1. Those pictures of Gibson and Hank are the very best. It looks like a lovely party complete with a hard working mom who prepared a feast of love and goodness and candles lit by dear Owen!

  2. oh my....have just reads the pie recipe which I really must have a go at.....have never actually tried key lime pie...even though I lived in America for 7 whole years and I like saying the name....this must be corrected!!

  3. There are no words to describe Gibson's face as he looks to his uncle Hank. Perhaps Gibson is wondering if Hank is the one to go to when he wants to go "guy things". "I am sure this guy will let me do all sorts of thing and Mama will be none the wiser".

  4. Oh, those photos of Hank and Gibson are priceless.

    I love the cicada ladies' merchandise!

  5. Geeze, i think that little Gibson is the cutest baby i've ever seen.

    Your daughter is captivating and from an amateur entomologist, those coozies are the shiznit!

  6. DTG- He was sure studying your face. I have even more pictures to prove it. Bless his little heart.

    Stephanie- It was pretty exciting.

    Elizabeth- Okay. I wasn't jealous of you for going to see Moonrise Kingdom already but now I am. Tallahassee isn't even showing it yet. WE ARE THE STATE CAPITOL! And we're pathetic.

    Anonymous Jo- Well, we didn't let Owen actually LIGHT the candles but he sure did stick 'em in there.

    Young At Heart- You will be glad you did.

    Birdie- You nailed it. That's exactly how Hank is going to be.

    Jo- I'll start selling those things before long. You just wait. And then the CD. I will.

    Ajax- It is clever, isn't it? And all of my daughters are beautiful. Of course.

  7. How cool--look at the Cicada ladies taxonomic coolie.


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