Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riches, Part Whatever

For some reason, I just made a Sunday dinner for a Tuesday night. I boiled and mashed potatoes from the garden, sliced up our own cucumbers and tiny gold pear tomatoes with Vidalia onions, cooked yard-long and pinto beans together, having just picked my first yard-longs today. I made some Tennessee grass-fed cube steaks with onions and mushroom gravy and damn, if I didn't even make a few biscuits.

It was all mighty fine.

Then I went out to shut up the chickens for the night and instead of figuring out where all the teenagers are perched and putting them into their little shelter, I am going to let them roost where they are tonight inside of the coop. Here's some pictures. 

The two smallest teens were on a high perch in the corner. That's them. You think one's a rooster? One's a hen? We'll just have to wait and see who crows and who lays. But I'm thinking...

The other four were huddled up on top of the shelter where Flopsy is still sleeping with her baby. That's Curly Sue in the middle. She's no banty. I don't think that big black chick beside her is either. I'm calling that one Bertha.

They're so sleepy when it gets dark. They're almost in a coma and they let me pat them which brings me great pleasure. They're so soft, those babies.

Now here's Elvis in his little nook in the hen house. He sleeps alone these days and maybe that's because it's hot and maybe it's because THE HENS JUST NEED A BREAK!

I stroke his beautiful feathers too. He fusses a little but he lets me.

These are some of my older hens. They gave me five beautiful eggs today, those sleepy old girls.

Anyway, I shut everybody up and told 'em good-night and came on in. Mr. Moon's watching that Hatfield and McCoy thing. I have watched some of it but I just know it's not going to come out well. Too much shootin' for my taste.

It's been a good day here on Planet Earth, for me at least. I sure am grateful for that and for all the good food out of the garden and my funny chickens and the eggs they give me and for my husband who tells me he loves me all the time and thanks me for every meal I make, whether it's a Sunday dinner or not.

And oh yeah- that Esquire Magazine which came in today's mail. Did you know that Bill Murray has six sons? SIX???? I didn't. Until today.

I'm full and tired and I got some work done and tomorrow I'm going to go see my grandboys.

Yeah. Feeling pretty okay. Feeling really rich.

Night, y'all.

Sweet dreams.


  1. There's nothing better than food from your own garden. I insist it tastes better than anything from a store, even if that's just the mental factor of "I grew this" talking.

  2. Loved the tour of the hen house. Really. I love your chickens. And that they do come home to roost.
    G'nite, Elvis.
    G'nite, Mrs. Moon.

  3. I, too, loved the night-time tour of the hen house. Sometimes I don't believe you, and now I do. And that dinner sure sounded perfect.

  4. And I was going to say that it's too bad Bill Murray and his six sons aren't running against old Mitt and his five sons. The best man would surely win, no?

  5. Is it lame to say that I, too, enjoyed the hen house tour? I also felt like I had dinner with you, too.

  6. When you've been in Asheville, have you ever gone to Biltmore? If you ever do - check out the barns in Antler Hill village. They have so many different kinds of chickens. There is this one little caramel one that lets you pet her endlessly. They also have these little naked neck chickens that are so ugly they're cute - and they let you pet at them...and they sort of warble sweetly the whole time.

    Can you tell I too, enjoyed your nighttime chicken coup tour?

  7. Thank you for the tour of the hen house. It made me happy to see them all snuggled in for the night.

    And that Esquire magazine? Bought it, trying to read it real slow and savor it, it's jam packed with good articles. Except I'm annoyed with how many times the author of the Bruce Willis article needed to use the word urinate. I really don't care how often Bruce has to pee!

    I'm having the same reaction to the tv show as you - too much shooting and dying for my taste lately.

    I'm glad your day was a good one. I have dinner envy, of course :)

  8. It's calming to see the chickens in their houses, knowing they are safe for the night. I worry about them from a cyber distance. I've had dreams about some crazed critter chewing the face off a chicken--too much news from MIami I guess. I need less news like that.

  9. Jon- Well, it DOES taste better and it IS better and that's the facts, Jack.

    Denise- I love that chickens come home to roost too. It's so damn charming.

    Omgrrrl- I miss you too.

    Elizabeth- Why would I lie? Ha! I sure would if someone paid me to. Nah. Probably not. And Bill Murray is WAY too smart to run for office. Dammit.

    gradydoctor- I sure hope your mama makes you a key lime pie. It'll sort of be like I made it for you. But not.

    Chrissy- I HAVEN'T been to the Biltmore. I know I need to go. I want to go. And they have chickens? I HAVE to go.

    Mel- I haven't nearly finished that magazine yet. I went straight to the Murray interview and now I'm working my way through in a methodical method.

    Syd- I am ignoring that particular news item. It happened in Miami. Of course. What can you say? I love that you worry about my chickens.


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