Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The sky is graying and the thunder is rumbling southwest of here and again- we are panting in hopes it will rain. The damn disappointment when it does not is palpable.

My kitchen floor is drying and I will mop the hallway when it's done and I can put all the stuff back in the kitchen which is now in the hallway and I didn't exactly think this through, did I?
Oh well.

I have venison and vegetables in the crockpot and bread rising on the stove. There are clean sheets on our bed. My chickens are all alive.

I found a huge roach today in a cooler that I was about to carry outside. When I say huge, you have to understand that this is NOT a relative term. I know roaches. I know this was one of the biggest I have ever seen.

None of you ever want to live in Lloyd, do you? None of you even want to visit. I'd bet the ranch on that.

Anyway, I took that cooler out and dumped the roach in front of Elvis. He dove for it, stunned it, and then Miss Mabel snatched that behemoth up in her beak and ran with it. Tasty bugs are a chicken's favorite food, as far as I can tell.

It's been a good day. The wind is picking up.
Maybe it will rain.
Who knows?

I sure will be grateful if it does.


  1. When I lived on Andros in the Bahamas for a few months, the roaches were so big and feisty that they would eat through the plastic container to get to the sugar. I am not kidding you. And we had no chickens.

    I hope it is raining there already. x0 N2

  2. Time to do a rain dance. I will hope for rain with you or send some British clouds over. I would scream my lungs out if I would find a roach in the house. Lucky for me they are not very widely spread in RIpon. I wonder how I ever will survive with scorpions and other stuff when we move to the American South West!

  3. True story:

    Yesterday my ex-lover said he might move to Tallahassee and would I visit him there?

    Oh yes, I said, because then I can swing through Lloyd and meet some chickens.

    Cockroaches don't scare me away, my friend.

  4. I need chickens to deal with my current earwig infestation.

  5. You're going to be mighty surprised when I show up on your doorstep someday then, since none of us want to visit :)

  6. Did it crunch? When Miss Mabel ate that bug?
    Don't bet the ranch just yet, I'd love to visit. True, maybe I don't want to live where there could be banana spiders on my porch and snakes in my yard, not to mention the black dust. But visit, yes.

  7. Florida, south Louisiana, swamp size roaches are one thing we have in common. Your chickens are more efficient than my cats -- the cats chase, but don't always catch.

  8. If you walk downtown at night, the Palmetto bugs pop under foot on the sidewalks. I'm not afraid of those bugs although I prefer that they don't come inside the house. And I do recall tearing off my running shorts when one landed on my chest and crawled down my shorts.

  9. This is a plot to keep me from visiting, I know it.

  10. The giant rat has desensitized us to the giant roach.

  11. Dang. Can you imagine if we all showed up one morning? I think THAT would actually scare you.

  12. I love this post because you show that you are a Southern woman who has things to do and gets things done. You saw a roach in a cooler--you must have quickly closed that lid and carried the cooler outside with a purpose. You knew your family of chickens would make good use of that roach.
    This really tickled me.
    I love that scene in Cold Mountain where the No. Carolina girl played by Renee Zellweger kills the mean rooster that is bothering Nicole Kidman and they are hungry and eat him up for dinner.
    P.S. I still want to know what was at the guest bedroom door the other week.

  13. it may never stop raining here....wettest drought on record!! First roach I ever saw was in India when I was being a hippie....2and a half inches long on my towel as I dried my face!!!

  14. N2- No rain. I've seen roaches do that too.

    Photocat- We have scorpions here too.

    NOLA- You aren't scared of much. Why would anyone move to Tallahassee? Just kidding.

    Stephanie- Mr. Moon and I were talking about letting the chickens come in the house to help with the roaches.

    SJ- Oh Lord. Give me some damn warning.

    Lora- Again- warn me.
    I'm sure that roach did crunch but Mabel took it away where I couldn't hear it.

    messymimi- My dogs chased the rat but not very wholeheartedly.

    Syd- Been there, done both of those things.

    Denise- You figured it out.

    gradydoctor- It sure did for me.

    Elizabeth- Out of my wits.

    Michele R- I just told Jessie this morning that I don't want to kill any roosters. I would if I had to though. Maybe.

    Young At Heart- And you'll never forget that bug, will you? I wouldn't either.


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