Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Am Proud

 I may be a cynic and I may be a skeptic but sometimes I am powerfully moved when a person does the right thing under difficult situations.

Today is one of those times.

Go here and watch this if you haven't already.

I love him. I love our president.

Thank-you, President Obama.

Now. Let's get the man re-elected. Shall we?


  1. I just wrote about this. I'm so happy. Maybe things are changing.

  2. Not if I can help it. He has declared war on coal and is threatening our livelihood and that of hundreds of people depending on coal to make a living. Not cool, Mr. President.

  3. I am proud of him too, and I will vote for him, but I'm afraid he may have just put the nail in the coffin, as far as his re-election goes.

  4. Continued use of fossil fuel instead of sustainable resources = the END OF THE WORLD.

    So yeah, it's going to mess people up now. But... not for long, if we keep going the way we are. I know it's hard to understand this... but if we don't try to find alternatives and solutions, that's it. Endgame.

    Sigh. Did you see the thing the other day about where the most gay porn searches came from? Surprise surprise, it wasn't from liberal states where gay marriage is legal...

  5. Elizabeth- Ain't that the truth.

    Murrbeth- Things are ALWAYS changing. Just not always the way we think they should.
    But yes, I feel helpful.

    Matthew- I have a fairly strong idea that you and I would not be able to have a civil discussion about this topic.

    Stephanie- I am hoping NOT! God.

    Jo- Yes. Exactly. On both counts.

  6. I will do my part to get President Obama reelected. He's the best president of my lifetime, and I am honored to be his supporter.

  7. I wish I was an American so I could vote for him.

  8. He is awesome. I will do all I can to get him re-elected. As for fossil fuels--we need to see past our own noses and look into what the future will be if we don't have alternatives.
    I believe the President is a truly honorable man.

  9. yeah. He's done some things I'm not too happy about but this one? I love this one.


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