Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ass Hats (I Just Like That Term)

Back in the dark ages, like about six months ago or something, Jason got a ticket for driving without wearing a seat belt.

Now the darn thing is, he WAS wearing his seat belt. He was wearing his seat belt, Lily, sitting next to him was wearing her seat belt and Owen was in the back seat, properly strapped into his car seat. Gibson was yet preborn and was using his mother's seat belt as he was safely inside of her womb.

The police officer had a bit of a hardon about things and refused to acknowledge that Jason was indeed wearing his seat belt and had been wearing it since he left his yard. When Jason, who was understandably confused and shocked, tried to point this out, the officer said, "It's not my job to argue about this on the side of the road with you. I'll argue about it in court."

Or something like that.

So they fought the ticket because, well, HE WAS WEARING HIS SEAT BELT!

And they got a court date which arrived about three days after Gibson was born and Lily needed to be there because she was the witness that HE WAS WEARING HIS SEAT BELT and so they had to change the court date and today is the day.

Good Lord.

And so Mer-Mer is going to go into town today to babysit for at least Owen and maybe Gibson too, although even at nine weeks and one day, he is still an arm-baby and is in his mama's arms almost all the time if he isn't sleeping and even then, mostly. And I'm going to meet Hank for lunch because he doesn't have to be at school until 1:30 and I haven't gotten to see him in weeks.

AND Jessie's getting in today because she's playing this weekend at the Suwanee Folk Festival with her Cicada Ladies.

Busy, busy, busy.

I talked to May yesterday and she is out of town with her sweetheart, not working, and celebrating her birthday week. I think she is mostly celebrating not working, to tell you the truth. Tomorrow is her birthday and I am sure I shall wax all eloquent about that tomorrow and she won't be here which is odd, but maybe we can all get together Sunday night when she is back and Jessie is here. I'll make key lime pies. Shrimp may be involved. The wig that we all tried on at last year's May celebration will NOT be involved due to the fact that I threw it away. Or glued it back to the doll's head. I did one or the other of those things. I can't remember.

I need to go get in a walk. Walk, walk, walk. And can I say that more trash has been dumped on the path through the woods where I walk? It's infuriating. Piles of beer cans and other assorted shit and god damn it! the fucking dump place is about half a mile down the road. Come on! What sort of asshat trashy shithead drives through the woods to dump trash when the fucking dump place is right down the road?

I'd call the sheriff's office but what are they going to do? This is Jefferson County, y'all. We don't have the sort of money here to allow sheriffs the luxury of trying to figure out who's dumping their beer cans in the woods.

Jason got his ticket in Leon County where obviously there is more money and plenty of time for the police to give tickets to people for not wearing seat belts when they are wearing seat belts.

And thus I have come around to the beginning again and there you go.

Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope Jason and family are successful with the court pain in the ass appt. I remember when you mentioned it in a post. I would be so peeved at all the other real situations the police man could have been zoned in on.
    A couple months ago my 15 yr old and two friends walked to a store. A cop car and then two more eventually pulled up in the middle of a busy intersection cement island area, got out and asked these 15 year olds "Which one of you mother fuckers were throwing rocks at cars." As if. They were not. One of the moms happened to be driving by, stopped and then the police were nicer. It really affected my son.

  2. And ASS CLOWNS. That is my other favorite...

    like this cop guy.

  3. Asshats.
    If this were fiction, it would be the bad cop dumping those beer cans.

  4. Littering is one of the most infuriating things in the world. I don't understand how people don't care at all about their surroundings--well...that's not true. I do understand that they don't care about their own abode, their own body, and have no respect for themselves or the environment. Ass hats indeed.

  5. Oh that aggravates me about that ticket! Hopefully they win - keep me posted. But even if they "win" they don't really because of the time and hassle. Now I'm REALLY aggravated!

  6. If he ends up getting the ticket, he should just throw it on the ground!

    The System:

  7. oh I can't wait to hear what happens.... my son once got taken to court for (being a teenager ....)being on a train with the wrong ticket. When he politely explained that the guard had told him it would stop at the stop it didn't stop at and it was a return ticket from that stop and his grandma was waiting to pick him up and now he would have to get off and go back and did he want him to call his grandma to prove it? He booked was thrown out of court!!!

  8. Always a delight to read you...because I love that you swear as much as I do!

  9. It's so much fun to bash cops. Except when you really need them, I guess. It's just that they don't seem to be around when they're needed, no? Anyway, I hope the court date went well. It'd be fun to come upon the litterers and chew them out. Or find out where they live and go dump all of it BACK on their own lawn. There should be a modern-day Robin Hood sort of organization that does that.

  10. cant wait for the outcome- hope jason wins. the couple of times i've gone to fight something with someone the cops didn't show and the wn was by defau;t- hope he's as lucky


  11. They'd better let Jason off that wrongful ticket. Don't make me come down there! x0 N2

  12. I have to remind myself that what Elizabeth says is true about it being easy to say cops are assholes until you need them. i've met some great police people through our neighborhood watch, I have also had experiences with and observed cops being total a-holes too. When they hide themselves near homes for the aged to catch people them in little idisyncratic things that they should be given a warning for, I feel outrage. And then of course they are not there (it seems) when real dangerous things take place. Anyway, I hope the cop showed and I hope Jason won his case. Do they have the intersection cameras where you live? Annon Jo


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