Monday, May 14, 2012



 It has been an incredibly satisfying day to me. House, laundry, garden, yard, chickens.

Mr. Moon and I sat outside and watched the baby chicks venturing outside the coop. We saw Flopsy hear something, freeze, utter a sound and her babies froze as well. She listened so carefully, then made another sound and they ran to get under shelter. Another sound and they ran up the ramp to their nest.
She followed.
And then. Then. We heard the hawk.
Don't tell me chickens can't communicate. Don't tell me that chickens can't be incredible mothers.

I picked pinto beans and Mr. Moon is shelling them. I am making soup of corn we took to the island and never ate, a piece of venison sausage, onions, celery, peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes I just dug up.

I picked green beans and I found a cucumber in what I was sold as a cantaloupe vine. I know. I'm an idiot.
I weeded. I swept. I mopped. I watered what the rain couldn't reach.

I've got one more thing to say:

Cheese biscuits.

Night, y'all.

Time to set the table.


  1. I made fried eggs and sausage and biscuits for supper :) Love.

  2. I was eating a honey biscuit when I read this!


    I could definitely use that as a child-friendly fake curse.

  3. SJ- Ha! Yum.

    Blue Gal- Mr. Moon's favorite fake curse is "saga raga!" We still say it, even though we now curse around the kids and they curse around us.

  4. Those biscuits look great. In fact, it all sounds great.

  5. Yum. And the cheerful zinnias!

    I'm sure the chickens talk to each other---I was just reading how mice sing complex love songs that are beyond the range of human hearing.

  6. Yum. And your chicken tales and zinnias and the way you make up dinner make me very happy.

  7. The cheese biscuits look wonderful.

  8. Cheese Biscuits???!!! You're killin' me.
    Tell Flopsy she's my hero.

  9. I read all of these posts and I only have one thing to say. I would die for a cheese biscuit. I would. I would lay down and die.

    I guess I didn't eat enough dinner.

    XXXX Beth

  10. That is a beautiful damn picture right there at the bottom. Pioneer Woman (or whatever her name is) eat your heart out!

  11. Here's to Flopsy. She's amazing.

    So, i'm sure, are your cheese biscuits.

  12. I love the tale of Flopsy and her chicks. Maybe the O-boy will go for that when you put him down for his nap on his next visit in place of Mr Peep.

    That picture brought me the taste of those biscuits -- the crunch of the crust and the warm feather center. Thanks for the virtual feast! x0 N2

  13. sounds good to me. our garden has been feeding us as well. mostly squash with green beans and japanese eggplant and cucumbers thrown in. oh the cucumbers! we got those burpless kind and they get huge, I mean long. I picked one yesterday that was 15"!

  14. Syd- They were pretty good.

    A- There is so much we aren't aware of, isn't there?

    Bethany- I have one volunteer from the zinnias I planted from the seeds you sent me last year. I cherish it.

    ahundredyearsago- Hello! They do look pretty, don't they?

    Denise- I will tell her.

    Beth- Oh, how I wish I could have given you one. But you wouldn't have to die. I swear.

    Jill- I especially love that pan. I found it in a yard in a house I moved into once. It came from Sears and Roebuck. Says so, right on the bottom.

    messymimi- I think Flopsy is just an excellent mama.

    N2- Yep. Those biscuits were just like that.

    Ellen- The cucumbers I deliberately planted are blooming but so far, no cukes. You're ahead of me.


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