Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midweek And Doing Fine

Well, it's a beautiful morning here in Lloyd, Florida, the little village by the railroad tracks. The chickens are busy, tails up, heads down, eating scratch and tasty bugs and the cicadas are buzzing and the sun is shining and it's not quite as hot and not quite as humid (only 90% at the Tallahassee airport but I'd say it's a little higher here although NOT 100% which is a subtle difference but one we can actually feel, believe me) and I've had my walk so today's torture is over and now I can kick back and relax, knowing I have suffered fully and well.

Life is good.

Mr. Peep, the turkey who lives next door has gotten a wife. For as long as I've lived here, which is over eight years now, Mr. Peep has lived the life of a bachelor with no one but chickens and goats and a mule and donkeys and cats and dogs to keep him company. However, his owner has rescued a turkey hen and she is now living there in the pen with Mr. Peep and all of the rest of the critters. She came from very crowded conditions and was mystified as to how to behave with space around her. When I saw her the other day, she was merely standing there with her head tilted up, afraid to move. Her name is Geraldine. Mr. Peep seemed quite interested in her and had raised his tail feathers and was puffing out his chest. I had heard that Mr. Peep dispatched several females in his earlier years by too-frequent copulation and for Geraldine's sake, I hope that his libido has faded some over the years.
It's not turkey fucking season so hopefully, she can gather her strength and sharpen her wits before then so as not to fall prey to his enthusiasms.

Anyway, these are the sorts of things going on in Lloyd and also there's a small oak snake in the bag of chicken feed and I have left him there to continue his nap. At least we know that no mice are getting in the chicken feed which is exactly why he's there, I'm sure, which is to snatch the mice which come to dine. It's a snake-eat-mouse world here in Lloyd. Mostly I'm fine with that although every now and then I consider what it might be like to move into a townhouse.
Then I reconsider and get on with it.

I have no overt responsibilities today and am reveling in that fact. I will take the trash and do a few other chores but mostly I am going to try and write that story about the telepathic experience Mr. Moon and I had in New Orleans. Why the hell not? Mr. Moon has a class or something about alligator hunting tonight and therefore, he won't even be home for supper so I am really a free agent today.

It is good to be needed but it is good to have days where I am not. The world can just carry on without me and I will carry on without it for the most part, right here in Lloyd and glad of it.


  1. I don't see how you can walk in that kind of humidity, but right on that you do. For me, August means AC and TV because I only go out for food. Ha.

  2. I am so grateful that your world and mine, so radically different, have intersected.

  3. I do hope we will be the lucky readers of that story of your telepathic experience with Mr. M !

    I can not wait - well, I must, but it will be hard.

    Write on!

  4. " Mr. Moon has a class or something about alligator hunting tonight"


    though I suspect you're not kidding.


  5. happy wednesday- i am home alone today, no nannykins and tony is working.


  6. Chickens, hens and telepathy - I can't wait for more! Sweet Jo

  7. "Turkey Fucking Season" Ms. Moon, you are a hoot!

    I would love to see a picture of that snake! And I am looking forward to hearing about the telepathic experience.

  8. Rubye Jack- I do it because I am insane.

    Elizabeth- One of the blessings of my life. You.

    liv- I am pondering.

    deirdre- Of course I am not kidding. Not one bit.

    Mrs. A- Yay!

    Sweet Jo- Well, be patient.

    Birdie- I tried to take a picture but I was afraid to touch that bag too much. That snake was small but it could have bitten me and then I would have died from fright.

  9. Is this the Mr. Peep of the famous Mr. Peep Story? I haven't heard tell of that story in quite some time. Please don't tell me that Owen has outgrown that story, that would be so sad. Although I guess he has to grow up eventually. Sounds like the story might be getting more grown up as well, what with TFS coming on and all.

    And really? Alligator Hunting Class? Is that like at a community college or something?


  10. I have had zero responsibility for like a month and now that I started my job and moved and rejoined my "life" I have mucho responsibility and I would like to kindly wrap it back in the brown box in which it came and send it back!

    Word verification: mewthis

  11. I'm laughing at "turkey fucking season." Perhaps Mr. Peep will turn out to be Geraldine's Johnny Weissmuller?

  12. Rachel- Great image! Just...return to sender.
    No thank-you!

    Steve Reed- One never knows, does one?

  13. It's too hot to do much fucking up here. Just sayin'.


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