Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Mundane

The Revival Center next door was punching it out last night for long hours. Mr. Moon reported that when he got in at 10:30 they were rocking the roof and they were there early on in the evening. They sure don't seem to keep regular church hours and I've yet to really grasp a schedule.

I was asleep already at 10:30- there was no reviving me.

And so it is Saturday morning, a buzzing, clearer morning, and I guess we'll go ride that train with those boys. Lord knows I feel a pull to stay here and clean. Sinks and toilets are all in need of scouring and porches are all in need of cobweb and Lloyd-black-sticky-dust removal. I have never seen the likes of the spiders we have this year. Not just the large dramatic ones, but the small ones too and you can't reach up into a lamp to turn it on without thrusting your hand into a nether-world of webs and I don't care how many times a week you remove them, they will be rebuilt. There are hanging meat-lockers of dead and desiccated insects everywhere and I am not making this up.

Well, the webs and dust and nastiness will be here when I get back and I can hardly pass up an outing with Mr. Moon whom I have barely seen in weeks and with the boys and Lily whom I see frequently but never yet on a train.

I see that Mitt Romney has chosen a VP candidate and the slings and arrows are already being hurled. I will have to do some research. Not that I would vote for Mitt Romney even if he chose Keith Richards as a running mate (now that would have been in interesting choice, eh? but no one ever consults me on these things) but one must know one's enemies. Or something like that.
I am what they call around here a Yellow Dog Democrat which means that I would vote for a yellow dog if it was running against a Republican and you can argue with me all day that one should vote the issues, not the candidate but my philosophy is that anyone these days who calls themselves a Republican has said it all just in that choice of party and there is no need to further worry about it. Yes, I am aware that not all Democrats are good nor are all Republicans bad but tell me the name of the yellow dog and I will cast my vote for it.

So there you go. From toilets to politics in a few short paragraphs and they could have been shorter.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. From toilets to politics - ain't that the damn truth. Good morning, MM.

  2. Toilets and politics actually have a lot in common...that thought gave me an early morning smile.

  3. Yep. Yellow dog. Me too. I adore you. This I was asleep already at 10:30- there was no reviving me made me snort a little booger out of my nose accidentally but it's early and you caught me off guard and I slept with my window open and was raised in an evangelical church and you crack me up.

    ps. My word verification is 1 factstar!!!!!

  4. The yellow dog always gets my vote too.

  5. Arf. Arf. Right at you. But I am glad that we have something much better (and more handsome than) a yellow dog.

  6. What's this train?? Is it the one in Georgia? Gman would melt to go on a train, so if there is one within an hours drive do tell!

    BTW, I love the rope swing! It must be new... or else Sue was right, I am the most unobservant person on the planet.

    Have fun with your boys big, small and medium.

  7. I hear you barking, big dog.


  8. I second E's comment! S Jo

  9. Me too. I am a yellow dog as well.

  10. SJ- There is a certain connection.

    Mama D- Good!

    Madame King- Just the idea of making you snort makes me incredibly happy.
    That's a fact, Star.

    Nicol- And to you!

    Lois- We are a flock of damn stubborn Democrats, aren't we?

    Denise- And you too.

    Gradydoctor- At least for president. At least that.

    Ms. Fleur- I trust our phone conversation has cleared things up.

    Elizabeth- I'm just a medium-sized dog.

    S Jo- I think Republicans would probably come here and go quickly away.

    Syd- I believe I knew that!


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