Thursday, August 23, 2012

Erin Gloria Ryan, I Love You

I was kitchen-laundry-room-oriented today and got all sorts of household chores done and baked that cake and took it across the road and delivered it in my overalls thinking, Jesus, I should be wearing a dress and a hat and gloves but no, just my overalls and a tank top, not even a bra, thank god the only person I saw was the ten-year old girl and I took a nap and I fell asleep so hard that when I woke up from a crappy, crappy dream I thought it was morning and now I just feel crazy and also, there was a snake in the hen house when I went out to clean it but it just slithered behind the hay and I didn't even care.

So. Hank sent me a link (on Facebook!) to this:

Just click on it and go the article. JUST DO IT! and if you feel crazy too, realize it's okay because it's not us, people. No. It is not. 

It's the rest of the fucking world and if we don't feel crazy there is something very wrong with us.


  1. BRILLIANT article...I would say fuckingly brilliant article, but I am out of fucks too.

    Thank god I know you. Otherwise I would think there is no hope for the world.

  2. You're a good neighbor, to bake a cake. My neighbor had open heart surgery and got home last week and I keep meaning to bring her something. I hope you spent at least some time with the Stephen King novel, on that library couch.

  3. Liv- It is desperate times when we run out of fucks, isn't it? We HAVE to believe there is hope for the world. I guess. I guess we do.

    Lora- I read some in bed before my nap which was a different sort of heaven.

  4. I am sharing this with some friends. OMG.

  5. Thanks for the amazing link, Ms. Moon.

  6. That was fucking awesome. I miss overalls. S Jo

  7. Syd- It's just sort of mindblowingly unbelievable when you add it all up, isn't it?

    Elizabeth- Yes.

    Angie- You are welcome.

    S. Jo- They are the garb of the gods.


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