Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First A Rant, Now A Ramble

I sat with the boys for a little while this afternoon and it was very, very fine. Owen actually chose to stay home with me and Gibson instead of going to the store with his mother which surprised both of us but made it a lot easier for her to run and get what she wanted and Gibson had a bottle and fell asleep in my arms and then Owen and I had a good time.

Their little family is going to Jacksonville tomorrow to visit Lily's best friend and the really big news is that THEY ARE STAYING IN A HOTEL HOUSE! As Owen calls it. He's stayed in a hotel before and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever on earth. Or at least pretty darn cool.
I think he's more excited about the HOTEL HOUSE than he is about the zoo they're going to.

I understand.

I like hotel houses too.

Mr. Moon and I are going to go stay in one this weekend in Apalachicola. I am happy at that thought. It'll be nice to get away and maybe we'll even go to the beach but whatever we do, I won't have to decide what to fix for dinner for two nights in a row and that's about as good as it gets. As much as I love to cook, I sure do run out of ideas.

I started reading a book last night. Carry The One by Carol Anshaw. I don't know if it's going to end well or if I'll even continue to like it as much as I do now but I will say that before I turned out the light, I had read 89 pages.

I think I was completely hooked by these lines on Page 3:

"Rather she found herself naked, face down on her bed, pinned beneath the groom's sister.
So far, this was the best moment of her life."

I mean really- how can you not love that?

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that.

So here I am, waiting for Mr. Moon to come home from work. He puts in such incredibly long days. I do not know how he does it. I walked through the grocery store half-asleep this afternoon, drinking my complimentary coffee and barely avoiding collisions and feeling guilty every time I crossed paths with my mother's social worker. Don't you hate that in a grocery store? How if you see someone you don't really want to see at the beginning of your shopping you will absolutely see them at least a half dozen more times before you're done?
I had texted Mr. Moon before I went to the store to ask him what he wanted for dinner.
"Pork chops?" he answered.
"Is it time?" I texted back.
Despite the fact that we are trying to Eat All Healthy And Shit, and mostly plant-based foods, we simply must (oh yes, we must) have a pork chop at least once a month.
And tonight, yes, will be the night.

Oh my.


I was so hungry I had to eat a small bowl of last night's pinto beans and brown rice and now I'm actually completely stuffed but I still want a pork chop. And I'm going to eat one, too.
Pork chops are like Jello for me- there is always room. Even when there's not. I'll MAKE room, goddammit.

I suppose I've rambled enough. I'm just afraid that if I quit writing I'll fall asleep but I know I won't. The shot of espresso that I drank after the cup of store coffee will surely kick in any moment.

Besides, it's time to go put the sweet potatoes in the oven. Which I probably won't eat because I will only have room for the pork chop.

That's life in Lloyd tonight, folks.

See you tomorrow.


  1. I always have room for chicken friend steak. (I am only a vegan at home.)

  2. we had pintos and rice last night for dinner too!


  3. I run out of ideas so often...I am so happy to cook for my family if only they will tell me what they want to eat!!

  4. I'm with you and Mama D ~ I don't mind cooking, I don't even mind going to Publix. What I really mind is HAVING TO THINK OF SOMETHING EVERY NIGHT! Except for those nights we eat out or order to go (mostly Thai) ~ which is at least a couple of nights a week. So there's that saving grace!

  5. Lisa- I read that and it cracked me up! Moderation is the key.

    Mrs. A- My very favorite beans. They are so good.

    Mama D- It is true, true, true!

    lulumarie- As you know, there is no take-out in Lloyd. In fact, there is only the truck stop and the Subway for dining out options. And truck stop is worse than the Subway. St. Augustine has such a varied choice of restaurants- I would do that much more often if I lived there. Believe me!

  6. Funny--I ate pork chops tonight too.

  7. We love pork chops. I bet we have them once a week. And I used to be a vegetarian! Go figure.

    You're right -- those sentences from the book ARE excellent!

    (Word verification: "oneyedsa." Do you know anyone named Sa with one eye?!)

  8. Still doing the healthy eating here too, although my wife cooked a lean pork loin the other day. I didn't eat it but the fellow visiting for the day was starving by dinner--LOL. I don't think that he eats things like salads and black beans for lunch so he was starved by dinner.

  9. Hotel Houses are lovely. And Owen is lovely too.

  10. I think you're grand. Enjoy that pork chop!


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