Sunday, August 12, 2012

Abundance of Okra

It's a long story but Mr. Moon came home from Georgia with five gallons of okra.

A tractor was involved in the story but not in the sense of using the tractor for cultivating the okra but in the sense of someone helping him to repair the tractor, and well, uh, shit.
The deal is, I have five gallons of okra.
This is a lot of okra.

And I guess that today I am going to pickle some of it. Not all of it. I would pickling okra well into the night if I were to do that, plus some of it's really too big to pickle.

But this means that I have to round up the canning kettle, the jar lifter, the jars, lids, spices, and vinegar. I'm going to have to go to the store. I'm going to have to wash and sterilize jars, wash the okra, pack the  okra, peel garlic, wash peppers, and etc.

I've never pickled okra before but I've sure made pickles before. It's not hard. It's just a process.

I better get started. It's going to be a long, steamy day and I will tell you that when Mr. Moon presented me with all of this okra, I saw that long day coming, and my inner-Mormon housewife sighed with resignation. 

Put your orders in now. I have a feeling we're going to have okra to spare.


  1. I harvested about 5 billion french green beans from my garden and went through the same thought process as did you but I chose to go to bed and watch a movie with the fan on since I have no inner-Mormon housewife. An inner-sloth yes but nope I put the damn beans in the fridge and I'll find something creative BUT NOT HOT to do with the rest of them today. And my plan was to make dilly beans which I adore and I have the stuff but also need a store trip but nope it just isn't in me. If the weather would return to normal (50 degrees) I'd do it. I didn't order this sun!

    Whiny Sloth Woman

  2. I too ended up with a mess of OK. I was able to batter mine and freeze it for frying later on. If you like fried OK this is easy and your kitchen won't get so hot..

  3. Maybe you should sell it to May's reastaurant?!

  4. I've only had curried okra - it's good but if it were me, I'd be calling friends and neighbors and family to relieve me of the okra and all that work. S Jo

  5. Gird your inner Mormon housewife loins with the holy underwear and pickle away!

  6. I learned a cool trick if you like fried okra. Chop it, toss it in flour, shake it out and freeze it in gallon ziplocs. When you're ready, just grab a handful and fry it up.

    Don't forget the Crystal.

  7. Madame King- Well, as it is only around 90 here today, we consider it coolish. I do not even have my AC on! My second set of seven pints are in the canning kettle now. In the first set, one of the jars blew out its bottom! Maybe that's why they tell you not to pack the vegetables in too tightly. Who knew there was a reason? Anyway, my lids have snapped down. I feel quite sassy about it all.

    Mary i- Hello! No, sadly, I do not fry. Mostly. But good suggestion.

    Jo- Oh, no. We shall use what we use and give the rest away.

    S Jo- I've never had curried okra. Mmmm....

    Nicol- The holey underwear, perhaps!

    Juancho- Of course I love fried okra. Who doesn't? But no, I shall not be frying. On my death bed, I will wish I'd eaten more fried okra. I am sure of that.

  8. I love pickles and pickled anything. I've been in Iowa a week and I've already polished off a jar of my brother's homemade pickles.
    Happy pickling!

  9. Wow. I like okra and all, but five gallons??? That is a LOT of pickles!

  10. I have never had Okra. In fact, this is the first time I have even seen a picture of it.

    Maybe Mrs. Tractor Wife said, "Give them the okra" and felt happy to get rid of some of it. Maybe you could pass some on too!

  11. I have never been okrafied and I'm not sure what I would do if I was. Leave it all on your front porch I suppose...

  12. Wow! I'm not a fan of okra. Just too slimy for me. Maybe I never had GOOD okra.

  13. Love okra. It is awesome fried, in soups, canned, pickled, etc. Never ate it before coming to SC but it is a staple here.

  14. God, I love fried okra. I guess anything fried, right? But when my parents moved from California to Oklahoma City and we ate fried okra at a bbq joint, I felt southern even though I wasn't. Some food just has feeling. Like grits or avocado or apricots. Food makes you feel somewhere.


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