Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness

Can you believe I posted an entire post without a word in it?
Me either.

Aw. We had a good time last night. Our first front-porch martini of the fall, I guess. And we still needed mosquito spray. I discovered that we have at least five spiders with webs on that porch. I think they are lovely and they do trap mosquitoes so we leave them up. Sassy mama spiders.

I wonder if they'll still be there this time next week.

As you can see from the pictures I posted last night, we have a lot of trees. Trees fall on houses. This is a fact, Jack. I was talking about this last night and Mr. Moon said, "This house is built like a fortress!"
"Really?" I asked. I was begging for reassurance.
"Yes!" he said.
Of course, we were drinking.

And of course, yes, this house is built of good, solid heart pine, the likes of which you cannot even buy any more. And yes, it has withstood many, many hurricanes and storms. But...
Those are some awful big trees we have.

Here's what I've done to get ready:
Buy batteries. For no particular device. I just bought batteries. Lots of them.
Buy three jugs of water. (Token attempt at preparedness, believe me) And...
Buy three new headlight flashlight thingees. Yes, the geek factor is over the top with those things but they rock.

Mr. Moon is researching generators as we speak. Generators. Jesus. Well, let me tell you this- if the power is out and it's August, you're gonna sleep hot. A fan blowing on you can make all the difference in the world. So can a few lights. This house is dark. We have a whole lot of windows BUT we have a whole lot of trees which, if they remain standing, provide a lot of shade. If they don't remain standing, we probably won't be around to worry about lights. Also, we would hate to lose all the food in the freezer and the refrigerator. Again, if we're still alive. If we're dead, we won't give a shit.

After a hurricane passes, you will hear two things- generators and chain saws. Very peaceful. You will also hear a vast silence where the trains going by should be. They can't run the trains until they make sure the tracks are all clear. This takes awhile.

So. To sum up: It looks like we're going to get a hurricane.
We have plenty of batteries. And headlight flashlights.
And three jugs of water.
Mr. Moon's friend from Canada is coming down to go alligator hunting on Monday. Jessie and Vergil are coming to visit on Thursday. Haha!

I have a gas stove. We're good there.

We have a house built like a fortress. We have trees that weigh in the tons surrounding the house. We are shopping for a generator. I will not have internet, BELIEVE ME, if things proceed as predicted. I have a Stephen King novel to read with approximately 42,000 pages.

Well, there you go.

It's Saturday and calm and the sky is blue and the oatmeal is ready.

I hate oatmeal, even the whole-grain type with raisins and apples and cinnamon, which is the kind this is.

Every breeze that riffles the leaves gives me a sense of foreboding.

Oh. I forgot to mention- we have vodka, rum, tequila and beer.

That's all, folks. For now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You could not be more prepared so enjoy. Since you already have head lamps, I can say Embrace the Storm. I love those headlamps, too, Wonderful for picking up dropped stitches on very dark socks.

  2. Yes to the generator! We were without power for 23 days after Hugo came to town. We were glad to have the generator. Get one big enough to run the refrig, freezer and the lights. We had to get a powerful one to pump water from the well.

  3. oh joy. hurricanes in August. the ones we get always seem to come in August.

  4. Thank the alcohol gods you are prepared to drink while the rain pours down and the wind howls.

    I experienced a hurricane once ( I lived in Deland, Fla when I was a freshman at Stetson) but I was stoned so I thought it was fabulous) Sheesh.

    XXX Beth

  5. I will not rest peacefully until that thing is done and gone and I know you are safe!

    But I am kind of gleefully watching what happens to those RNC peoples...hee hee hee -oh, that was bad.

  6. Ms and Mr. Moon I am watching over you and Us. you sound ready. I wish no harm on anyone D. or R. Gotta love weather I think. Hugs from a hippie follower in Alabama...

  7. you could also get battery operated fans for those batteries you bought.

    the good thing about trees that weigh a ton is they tend to put their chest to the wind and stay rooted.

    be safe. hopefully all you'll get in rain and rain.

  8. I will be thinking of you - and worrying! Keep us posted!

  9. Hope it all passes over you without damage xx

  10. Oh I hope you will be safe! Go to the center of the fortress with a headlight, vodka, some food, your long book, and huddle under a blanket. With Mr Moon. S Jo

  11. I always used to say that in the event of a major earthquake all I needed was to walk to a friend's house. He has a wine cellar. I moved too far for that. Now I have 2 emergency backpacks.
    Wishing you safe. Take care.

  12. Hoping Stephen K will give you more to worry about than the hurricane. Be safe.

  13. Yes, you are ready. Your house is strong, you have all the provisions you need. Not to mention the proper libations. I'll be watching the hurricane tracker and wishing the best for you.
    Hugs from the midwest...

  14. Just remember how long those trees have been standing there, and through how many storms. Thinking of you!

  15. Hi. I'm fairly new here. This is my first comment.

    I wanted to suggest getting some ice... unless you do get a generator, and then you won't have to worry about it. Last time I forgot to get ice. It can be hard to find after the storm... and gas. Good luck. Keeping good thoughts for you.

    Nice place you have here.

  16. Joanne- They rock, even as they make me feel like such a DORK! Why do I even care? I guess I still have a sliver of pride.

    Syd- TWENTY-THREE DAYS!!! Jesus. I think the longest I've ever had to do without electricity was about a week and a half. And we didn't have a generator. We lived. We are on "city" water now so we do have running water, no matter what. This is a blessing. We have the well as a back-up. Double blessing.

    Ellen- The worst one Tallahassee got in recent history was Kate in '85 and that was in November, I think. Odd.

    Beth- Haha! Well, if you thought it was fabulous, then it WAS!!!

    Elizabeth- Oh, we will, my love. We will.

    liv- I think the RNC will survive. I will say no more than that.

    Mary i- I am SO glad you're here. We hippies need to stick together, dont' we? To remind each other that we are still here.

    Angella- Battery powered fans sounds like a good idea. The problem with trees is that often, during hurricanes, twisters from that snap the tops right out of the trees and our trees are so big that even PART of them is huge. Well, that's one of the problems.

    Omgrrrl- Don't worry! We'll be fine.
    But thank you, dear.

    Jo- The sad thing is, it's going to cause some damage somewhere. Already has, in fact. But thank you.

    S Jo- My plan, exactly.

    Denise- Gotta have a plan. Sounds like you have one. Can you make your mama wear a backpack?

    Andrea- He has a way of doing that, doesn't he?

    Mel- I feel so protected by all of you. I swear. I do.

    Steve- That does offer comfort.

    Bella Rum- Hello and welcome! We did get the generator so the ice may not be necessary. But yes, ice is a very, very important thing to have when a hurricane comes. For sure!

  17. They always say fill up your tub to have extra water 'just in case'. We keep a couple bottles of wine and stem glasses in our bug out bag ( and as a bonus, a large plastic bag that came from a box wine (cheap wine for cooking only!). We can fill the wine bag from the tub, hang it up, and use it to take a shower which is better than AC if that's all you have to beat the summer heat


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