Monday, August 20, 2012

Family, In A Good Way

It was a lovely day. My boys were good boys and even though Owen has a cold and was producing prodigious quantities of snot, he could not have been sweeter or move loving to both me and his brother. 

I think Gibson had a good time at his Mer-Mer's.

And Owen was so happy to be back where he feels so comfortable and knows every nook and hiding place and where his friend, Buster, lives.

And then Russell got here and met his newest great-nephew and I think they approved of each other.

Owen liked him too. He kept calling him my "friend." 
"Your friend still here?"
"That's my BROTHER, Owen. Like Gibson is your brother. He's your Uncle Russell."
"Oh. Nice!"

Then later:
"Where your friend stay?"

Ah well, he is my friend, that baby brother of mine. I was thirteen when he was born and he was truly one of my first babies, his brother Chuck, older by thirteen months, my first. I carried them on my hips and fed them their bottles and not only changed their diapers but washed the diapers, too. 
Oh, how I loved those babies.
I still do. 
It's so good to have him here. 

It has just been a very good day filled with lots and lots of kisses and hugs and puzzles and books and snacks and Owen saying, "What the heck!!" when something astounded him, which was often. 
That cracked Russell up. It cracks me up too.

It rained all day, it's cool tonight and right here, right now is a lovely place to be with my husband, my brother, and the prospect of a good night's sleep before me.

And please forgive me if I don't get around to blogs right now the way I usually do. Or even my own comments. Life, as I say, has gotten busy which is good but I'll be back and you can bet the farm on that one.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are always the very best when it comes to our blogs and commenting. You deserve a break today.

    Gibson? Adorable.
    Owen? What the heck!!
    And your friend? Love the idea of you at 13 being the mama to those babies. Can totally see it.

  2. Yes, you have the cutest grandbabies. How cozy it seems to be at your abode tonight. Sweet dreams...

  3. Enjoy the day and the time away from the computer. I so enjoyed my break over the weekend.

  4. Dear Mary, it does sound like a very perfect day. You make me look forward to grandbabies. In due time of course and hopefully as sweet as yours.

  5. It is great to be the good kind of busy, isn't it? Russell looks like Hank or the other way around and that first picture of Gibson - ahhh - and of course there is adorable Owen... Right here, right now is wonderful! S Jo

  6. It's true. I look like Short Russell. And I can't wait to hang out with him! Mama, trivia tomorrow night?

  7. Oh, Owen!! What a pure, sweet little soul! Sees right through to the truth of things,doesn't he?

  8. oh my....that baby has gotten to be a big boy so fast....and so cute!!x


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