Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Is It Still Okay To Hate?

I have to wonder how in the world people have the balls in 2012 to step forward to a counter at a fast-food restaurant to show their support of that restaurant's anti-gay stance.
Not that I'm giving these beach-ball-sized ballsy people any credit for what I'd call real courage. I sure am giving them credit though for having the balls to so loudly and proudly proclaim, "I hate gays!"

Really? That's still okay to do?

I was talking to one of my kids about this the other day. Maybe it was Lily. Owen wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A because they're the only ones in town who still have a kid play-area.
"No," Lily said to him. "We can't go to Chick-Fil-A. They're mean."
We were talking about how no one in their right mind these days would openly support such a bigoted business if that bigotry were directed towards people of a different race. That there are still plenty of asshole racists but at least in these days and times people KNOW it's just not acceptable to spew that hatred and fear and all of the other things which bigotry lets sit under its umbrella out in public.

But obviously, it's still fine and acceptable to do the same when the object of the hatred and fear is directed towards the gay and lesbian and bisexual and transgendered community. How can this be? Have we not come any way at all in the spirit of acceptance?

We HAVE come to a point in our society where even the most hateful of racists know that they can think whatever they want to think but that their views are indeed labeled by such words as "racist" or "bigoted," and in the general scheme of things, they need to keep those views to themselves although I have to say that some of those people are not very good at that. Still, even the Klan has the decency to cover their heads.

But if you are prejudiced against the LBGT community, it's just fine and dandy to publicly proclaim your views and that just shows how far we still need to go.

I blame religion for a lot of this public display of intolerance. It's right there, buried in good old Leviticus with all of the laws about eating shellfish and how it's okay to kill your child if she mouths off at you or your wife if she touches your food while she's on her period or whatever bullshit laws that no one pays any attention to any more. Yeah, it's there. It's an abomination for a man to lie with another man as if with a woman. I think that's the general gist of the whole deal.

But people can reach in there and pluck out that little gem of a law and hold it up like a banner to rationalize their hatred and they can actually say, "I'm doing God's work."
Well, that god can bite my ass.

I guess I have a higher opinion of people in general than they deserve. I guess I have been thinking that because some states are admitting that all people are deserving of civil rights, including the LGBT community, that things are changing. That because brave people like Barney Frank exist things are changing. That because more and more gay and lesbian and bisexual and transgendered people are coming out that folks will start realizing that instead of being demons, these people are their sons and daughters and sisters and brothers and neighbors and coworkers and obviously NOT demon sinners.
I guess I thought that because of people like Ellen and Rosie and those cute gay guys on Project Runway (there would be no Bravo or Lifetime TV without "the gays") that people would start feeling less threatened, less in need of being all fucked up about it.

I guess I was fucking wrong, wasn't I?

It is obviously completely okay in the eyes of a whole lot of people for any asshole to walk up to a counter and say, "Gimme some waffles fries. I hate queers too!"

Lily and I are going to take the boys to the library today. There's a world-wide event happening where women all over the planet are going to nurse their babies in public at a certain time and Lily is going to nurse Gibson. You have to register and everything. It's going to be awesome!
I was just talking to her a few minutes ago and I said, "After that, let's go to Chick-Fil-A and kiss."
"Gross," Lily said. "It's not incest day."
"They don't have to know we're related," I told her.

She laughed.

Well, I don't have time to polish this up and make is shine. I have to get to town and get me some baby therapy. But I did want to point this out- that we have a long way to go. I would also like to point out that the public display of hatred and bigotry is never, ever cool and that doing so says nothing in this world except, "I am a bigot and a hateful person."

It doesn't mean you're brave or have balls. It just means you're an asshole.

So go ahead, put your money where your mouth is you hateful bigots.

I'm going to be at an event where babies are putting their mouths on breasts which is a whole other discussion and again- I can't even believe it's still UP for discussion, that women should be allowed to nurse their babies wherever and whenever they're hungry. I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't even tell you shouldn't do that.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yep. I agree. I am surprised by how many of my facebook friends went to eat chicken on the 1st (well, not that many but a few did) and they are proud of it. ???

    I read an interesting article on yet another perspective on the chick fil a issue...the folks who work at chick fil a who are gay. Some have said they had no trouble at all and others have said they have been experiencing blatant hate comments and are quitting. It was an interesting article.

  2. well, everyone's entitled to their own opinions but they aren't entitled to pass legislation that discriminates or outlaws people or practices based on their opinions! don't like gays? don't hang out with any, don't marry one. don't like nursing babies in public? don't do it. don't like birth control? don't take any. against abortion? don't have one. it's that simple. just because you don't like something does not give you the right to deprive everyone else of their right to do it. all those 'good' christians who showed up at CFA should be ashamed.

  3. Girl YOU SHINE!!!! This is one of the best posts I have read on this issue. Thank you for being open minded smart and funny All at the same time. Have a good time today. You made me smile you will do the same for others. Lily: Nurse Away I am with you :) :)

  4. Yup. Asshole burger with fries, please. With an ignorance milk shake. Extra hatred!

  5. I love the idea of Gibson already beginning his career as a demonstrator and being seen expressing his opinion on an issue. Like a little hippie baby!

    I think Chik Fil A sucks. I haven't eaten chicken in over 30 years and I still know this. Since when does a purveyor of fast food get to weigh in on social or family issues? I mean seriously, WTF? They wanna associate themselves with an issue, stick to obesity or humane treatment of animals in the food industry. Or food additives. Or something that has something to do with anything connected to them fer chrissakes.


    I'm gonna still enter the number, cause I am stupidstitious like that. Prolly cause I was raised Catholic. It's like a form of OCD.

  6. seems ironic for a company makin' money on cock and pickles.

  7. You go, Mother Mary!
    Nobody can tell it like you can.
    If only you had a radio talk show !!!
    The world would be a better place :)

  8. I totally blame religion. One of my neighbors is an old Baptist missionary and I like him because he is fairly intelligent, a rarity around here. Anyway, this morning he was going on about the Bible and mentioned homosexuals not being allowed in the church. Well, I blew it because I said something in their defense. Big mistake. Or not. Anyway, I just can't handle the hate, particularly in the day of God. So, you go girl!

  9. I'm thinking that the Boy Scouts of America should have Chick Fil A cater their next jamboree and therefore kill the Biblical two birds with one stone.

  10. I kissed a girl once and it was AWESOME!

    I'm glad there are lots of people in the world like you and your family and soon to be your family's family. Xo

  11. as luke adams said on twitter:

    "Watching the "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" in 2012 makes me wonder if there was a "Woolworth Lunch Counter Appreciation Day" in 1960."

    yep. puts it right exactly in perspective.

  12. Blue Gal- I read that article too and that IS a perspective we need to remember. As one gay employee said, they are getting hated on for working for such a bigoted company and yet, they are getting hated on for being gay at the same time.
    Fucked up shit.

    Ellen Abbott- Exactly.

    Lora- As you know, I will.

    mary i- Hello and welcome! Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Jo- They only sell chicken but yes, the idea is exactly that.

    Invisigal- "Stupidstitious" cracked me up so much. Hey- go crazy! Don't type in the number! The world will not come to an end!

    Magnum- Cock-A-Doodle Don't.

    liv- I don't know if the world would be a better place but I'd have a hell of a good time. Shitfire!

    Rubye Jack- We ALL have to speak up and good for you for doing it! How else can we let these bigots know that their vile spew is unacceptable?

    Elizabeth- PERFECT! Just like your post today.

    Rachel- I've never kissed a girl "like that" and damn, I'm gonna regret that on my death bed. I know it. It could still happen though. One never knows.

    dkb- Dottie! Hello, friend! Yes. The human species has got some real fucked-upedness going on, doesn't it? Will it ever change?

  13. I read an article on the Chik-fil-anti-gay idiocy and was pulled into the comment section for hours, just gawking. I find it humorous when aggressive/weepy people defend Chik-fil-a's right to an opinion. Yep, they need to be defended those poor multi millionaires giving money to hate groups. Poor bastards. We should eat their chicken regardless of their practices!


    I proudly do not eat their anti-love chicken sandwiches.

  14. Like I said before, I am sad I learned of how Chik-fil-a spends there money. Now I can't take Owen there in good conscious and he loves the playground. Oh well we all have to sacrifice for what is right. Thanks for
    Going with me today, I had a good time!

  15. See Kate Run- Anti-love sandwiches exactly! Fuck them and their chiken.

    Lily- I had a wonderful time. Thank-YOU! I love you, baby.

  16. I say we have a "I love Mrs. Moon" day! Again in this post, you nailed it!! Gold medal for you!

  17. Robyn- Oh Lord. Just the idea makes me want to go hide under the bed. But thank-you, sweetie!

  18. Lordy, my daughter and I are in the middle of a facebook spat with the Baptist-in-laws about this very topic. It's just so very, very sad and frustrating.

  19. You go, Ms Moon.

    All those haters are secretly GAY. I mean, walking around with posters of men kissing each other... secret fantasies anybody???

  20. Bravo!

    I have a friend who explains the popularity of Rush Limbaugh by saying that he gives his listeners permission to be a jerk. He justifies all their inner fears and prejudices. I think there's something to that. Which relates at least tangentially to Chik-fil-A, I suppose...

  21. I am dismayed by their hate. I have many acquaintances who reveled in the Chick Shit stuff. They also say terrible things about the President. We are just a mess as humans.


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