Sunday, August 26, 2012

As Always, Bruce Preaches It Best

Ah lah. The predictions keep putting Isaac more and more to the west of us and yet, there is still a part of my gut which whispers that we don't need to let our guard down yet.
Well, someone's guard needs to be up. And the birds- they are still too quiet.

Our humidity has gone from 99% to something like 60%. And guess what? My hip and leg pain has decreased dramatically which says to me that my pain is the result of wear and tear that I've put on my body over the years. Tiny breaks and tears that might not even show up on an x-ray but which are there, as real as real can be.

Should I move to Phoenix?
Oh no. No. Can't do that.

Last night Mr. Moon and I watched the very last episode in the Deadwood series. We have been watching for months and as the final credits rolled Springsteen's Mary Don't You Weep No More from the Seegar Sessions album played.
I felt plugged into something deep and heavy and maybe holy.

Here it is, if you want to watch it.

Recorded in Dublin. Hey Jo!

It's Sunday. Pray through dancing.

That's all I have to offer. Ain't no collection plate here.

Love you truly...Ms. Mary Moon


  1. My guard is up, baby. It sure is.

  2. My heart throbs for Bruce.

    Did you read that New Yorker article about him?

  3. Glad that you and your chickens and babies are not so much in harm's way anymore. Thinking of the trees around you...never good when the guardians change sides and become a potential menace. May they stay upright and sheltering!

  4. Ah Ms Moon, 7.30 am here, wet, grey, Monday... I just dropped by to check you were ok and you give me The Boss man... He is beyond adored over here.. That music just fills me up.. Stay safe over there. J in Eire

  5. The storm is scary, but I love the sky today. Love that song too.

  6. I wish I'd been there! Never got to go... ticket prices for gods like Bruce are way way out of my price range, tragically. But still... waves!*

  7. I feel a loss when one of those great series ends like Deadwood or the Tudors. I lately watched the Grand which we liked and Downton Abbey. Now I'm watching Crash which is really something else. Very LA.
    Hope that the storm doesn't kick ass near you.


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