Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today's one of those days when I woke up and wanted to just start shoving shit into garbage bags. Stuff I haven't laid my hand on in years. Just get rid of it. All the crap in our lives- god!- it makes me want to scream sometimes.
And yes, my brain could be doing a little metaphor dance on me here but that does not take away from the fact that there is TOO MUCH CRAP and it's just ugly and weighing on my soul.

It's Sunday and it does not look to be a good one to me. Except for the tiny drizzle (I am totally wimping out and using that as an excuse not to walk and it's not a good one) it is so still here. Today is the meteorological equivalent of cement. Heavy and gray and dense and still. I have nothing planned and my stomach is swimming with evil-fish.


  1. Grab that trash bag and start purging.

  2. Do it! Bin it while the force is within you. It will feel so clean and good! Think what you'll throw out along with it...

  3. Oh yes, it's exercise for the soul!

  4. Choose one corner and clear only that. It will take your mind off Sunday. Or you could just watch the rain. Nothing wrong with that either. I wish we lived houses apart so we could sit cradling cups of coffee in each others kitchen. Or something stronger. :)

  5. You know I always feel better after throwing shit out.

    Would love to join you and Angella and watch the rain fall.


  6. Hurray for purging my new life style. I could start my own magazine. THROWING SHIT AWAY how to do it and Angella has it right corner by corner and also don't let the bookshelves turn into sentient beings who eat your stuff.

    The evil-fish are in me too oh sorry.

  7. "My stomach is swimming with evil-fish." Oh, how wonderful a description that is. By all means clean, if even just a small corner, and let the satisfaction of the job done beat the fish back into submission.

  8. Ellen- I did purge but in a different way.

    Jo- See above.

    Joan- You are right.

    Angella- Well, here we are and we cradle each other as best we can over these strange and magical waves of words. Not perfect but wonderful.

    Michelle- Why do we all hold on to stuff when we know that letting it go feels so damn good?

    Madame King- My "library" is the worst room. I swear. I need to gird my loins and go in there and DO IT! It's so hard.

    Mama D- I am doing the best I can. I swear. And tomorrow I will feel better for it. There is little hope for today, I am afraid.

  9. I need to do some of that but don't know where to start.

  10. "My stomach is swimming with evil-fish."

    What a fabulous sentence!


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