Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tipsy, Maizy, Baby, Curly Sue, and Bertha are all missing.


They did not come in last night nor are they here this morning.

Shit. Fuck. What the heck?

What could have gotten five almost-grown chicks?

I will take a walk around the yard to see if I can find any clues as soon as I've recovered enough from my walk to walk. Today was one of those days that if it had been an option, I would have, could have, laid down on the path and let the vultures have at me.
I saw a deer though, a doe, leaping across the path in front of me. She was huge and silent and I startled. If she had been a bear, I swear I wouldn't have had the energy to run.

I talked to a woman I know whose sister-in-law a few miles down the road keeps chickens and a bear decimated their chicken population. He got in the coop and slaughtered a bunch of them. I wonder if we have a bear.

I do not know. I don't know shit these days and I sort of metaphorically feel like laying down on the path and letting the vultures have at me. I guess I have the summer doldrums. I'm too tired and uninspired to even say anything about the post on Facebook that asks people to "like" if they agree with the message which is that God is a Merciful God!

Okay. I guess I do have something to say about that which is who comes up with this shit?
There's so many things that I find whack about those five words that I can't even begin to discuss them.

Did you know that Texas just executed a guy who has an IQ of 61?

That's all I got for now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I giggled out loud--i have NO IDEA who comes up with that shit.

    I hate that about the chickens....any chance they collectively wondered off into another yard? I dont know--that sounded stupid once I typed it.

  2. I am so sorry about your chickens Ms. Moon - You work so hard, it's not fair - life can be unfair. Sweet Jo

  3. I'm following God on facebook, he's very entertaining. As are the people who are ever so very cross with Him :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your chicks. I'll be gobsmacked if it was a bear though... stealth bear!

    I think I might take bears over Conservative Texans...

  4. Poor darling little fluffbutts! That sucks! I had some friends whose chickens kept getting carried off by foxes and eagles. Maybe something like that got to them?

    I also wanted to mention that though I haven't been commenting on your posts much lately, I read every single one and am always so entertained and entranced. xoxo

  5. Oh shit - I hope those damn teenagers are just off being naughty. Keep us posted (I know you will). Don't let the vultures get you - we'll help fight them off for you.

  6. Life is a heart breaker. I always wonder every time I let the cat out, if she's going to be a pancake on the road by the end of the day.

  7. Oh dear chickens. I hope they are hiding somewhere. Took shelter from that storm. Meanwhile, you take shelter, Mrs. Moon, in the hearts of those that love you.
    As for the merciful god....welll, mercy resides somewhere in all of us, I suppose. But some of it is buried pretty fucking deep.
    One more thing, I am terrified of bears. Ever camp in Yosemite? Don't.

  8. OK, I admit it, I'm worried about you. These long, solitary walks just sound like they are wearing you out not building you up. And to be so exhausted that you couldn't run from,no,no.

    They say that short bursts of exercise vs lengthy and agonizing regimes of punishment are actually better for the body...slap me if you want, but I'm just sayin'....xx

    And god, I hope those chickies come back!!

  9. Yes, Texas -- executing a retarded man. I wonder where God was? Evidently, the IQ score was questionable -- by several points -- which would have pushed the man up into the "mildly retarded" instead of "severely retarded." Strange, strange times we live in -- where protesting a bigoted chicken sandwich corporation is an "unconstitutional act" but killing a retarded man in the dark of night is accepted and promoted.

  10. A state so great they gave it one star.

    good luck with the chicks

  11. SJ- Well, they may have. One may have gotten attack and the others fled in fear. They could be living in the woods somewhere.

    Sweet Jo- Life is not fair. Period. The end.

    Jo- Florida black bears rarely if ever kill humans. Thus making them superior to states like Florida and Texas where we have and use the death penalty.

    Chrissy- Yep. Some critter is at the root of this. Thanks for reading here. I read you too.

    Jill- You're a peach. Thank you.

    Jeannie- It's always a possibility.

    Denise- "But some of it is buried pretty fucking deep." You made me laugh, but it was a bitter laugh.
    I've never camped there but I have been there. Yes, lots of bears. Big ones.

    Liv- I've been taking these walks for decades. I'm just doing them more regularly now. I'll adjust. I swear.

    Elizabeth- And the weirdest thing is how much a "Christian" thing it is to execute people. I really will never understand. Ever. And it PISSES ME OFF THAT THE STATE USES MY TAX MONEY TO DO IT!

    Magnum- As always, sir, you are correct.

  12. I am really upset about the chickens. I feel as if I know them. I hope that they will return.
    I don't want to comment on the hypocrisy in religion. There are quite a few people that I like who are very into religion. I happen to not be one of them which they seem to overlook for the most part. I prefer to keep it like that.

  13. May the chickens return and your exhaustion abate (NO vultures!) and the bears stay away...

  14. :-( Oh, Ms. Moon. I am so sad about the chickens.

  15. Yes, Texas loves its executions. It shames me how Texas has gotten under republican christian tea party Rick Perry. They have no shame and they wrap themselves in godliness. If that's godliness then I rightly don't want any part of it

    Sorry to hear of the chickies disappearance.

  16. Jesus gawd, an IQ of 61? Sometimes i think we're sub-human.


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