Sunday, August 19, 2012

Syd- Or Someone- What IS This?

Found it in the shrimp we bought on our way home today.
Is it a baby...eel?
Tiny sea monster. That's what I'm calling it.


  1. What the hell??? Must have been a big shrimp, too!

  2. Liv- It's too tiny to be too scary.

    Mama D- Not the really big shrimp. He was just laying there in the middle of it all.

    Jeannie- Aw. Maybe not. It might just be a normal critter. I have no idea.

    Ellen- I'm hoping that Syd checks in.

  3. It's kinda cute if it wasn't w food you plan to cook ...

  4. Good god almighty.

    Too much nature for me.

  5. It DOES look like a baby eel -- a moray or some similar type. How bizarre! I don't know for sure, though.

  6. Ooh I forgot to mention I much I like your new chicken photo. S Jo

  7. It is a larval eel. It looks like the "glass" stage of the American eel. This is the intermediary stage between the leptocephalus (earliest eel stage) and the juvenile. But they are mostly found in low salinity water. Where did you catch the shrimp? Very cool since mostly eel larvae eat shrimp and not the other way around.

  8. Anonymous- Of course I cooked the shrimp! Which, if you think about it, are pretty creepy too if you really sart to look at them.

    Elizabeth- Heh-heh.

    Steve- You were right!

    S jo- Thanks!
    Elvis is so photogenic. I swear, he poses.

    Syd- WE didn't catch them. We bought them at My Way Seafood in Panacea. I KNEW you'd know. Thank-you so much. His little head is so scary and cool.

    Young At Heart- The sea holds so many alien-looking life forms. It's truly like another planet under the water.

  9. My son calls shrimp :"The cockroaches of the deep."

    I just shush him and eat 'em anyway. Although not ones from the gulf anymore.


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