Monday, August 6, 2012

Defense Of Marriage Act- Now THERE'S A Misnomer If I Ever Saw One

It's raining again today but I walked anyway. I waited until there was a break in it and of course I got about two miles down the road and it started pouring but I am not made of spun sugar as we all know and I feel the better for having walked. As I almost always do.


Anyway, I'm crying again and the reason is to be found here. 
If you aren't familiar with this beautiful family, please, go and visit them.

Here's the video that made me cry. Mark not only posted it, he and his husband and family are in it. Yes, it's twenty-four minutes long. Watch it, get educated, cry, get angry, and believe in the power of love and let's all do what we can to make sure that loving people who simply want to be treated equally under the law are.
Families' lives are at stake. And simple human dignity.
And the time has come.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I couldn't agree more and I am mystified and repulsed by the efforts of others to control the lives of people whose lives don't impact theirs.

  2. I'm going to watch the whole thing, get super-pissed off, and do something about it.

  3. I don't even know what to say. It's all so insane, so stupid and insane. Madness.

    The couples featured on the video are so scary, right? I mean -- REALLY?

    I can only hope that the march is only forward and envision civil war if not. Seriously.

  4. mary, thanks for posting about this, and mark and fred and their beautiful family. slowly by slowly we will change the world. love to you.

  5. Ellen Abbott- Well, to be blunt, I think they are bigoted assholes.

    Juancho- And thus, my job here is done.

    Elizabeth- Does anyone remember STONEWALL?

    Angella- Thank YOU! You introduced me to Mark and Fred. They should be given medals of honor for their bravery and strength and belief in love and family.


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