Friday, August 3, 2012

Addendum Pictures. The Teething Beast

Bless his little heart. He is working SO hard to get those teeth broken through the gums. And it hurts.

We don't give babies nearly enough credit for the hard work which infancy requires.

Yes. We all go through it and yes, we survive. And so do our mommies.
But it ain't easy for any of us.


  1. Thank goodness I have your babies to mark time with - otherwise, I might never know a day has past if I didn't see every so often how big these kids are becoming. Amazing!

  2. Rubye Jack- I have no way to deny the passage of time. Each and every time I see my grandsons, even if it is one day after the last, I see growth and change and know that I, too, must have gotten a little bit older.

  3. Yes we do all go through it and we do survive, but sometimes I wonder how much of me will be left when that boy of mine leaves the nest. I have a latest Kyle adventure on my blog. Have a good one, Ms. Moon.

  4. Awwwww-Look at Gibson. He is so cute gnawing on his teething thing.

  5. Yes, we do survive, but it hurts so damn much. You can just tell.

  6. Mr. Shife- Only the barest essence of who you are will be left. And that essence will have gray hair.

    Syd- He is determined to get those teeth through.

    Stephanie- It's pretty obvious, isn't it?


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