Tuesday, August 28, 2012

America's Next Top Bodyguard And How To Flirt When You're Old

Owen was pretty darn proud of the fact that he pooped in the potty. In fact, when we were eating lunch at Moe's and I was chatting with a friend who was also there, Owen asked his mother to tell this friend that he had pooped in the potty. Lily did, although she apologized. My friend was completely unfazed, even though he doesn't have kids. "High five, man!" he said, and Owen was pleased.

We went to Target and frankly, I had a fabulous time there. Owen was a very good boy although at one point he thought we weren't going to go look at the toys and he was devastated and horrified and kept pointing out exactly where the toys were but when we assured him that we were indeed going to go look at the toys and that he could have one, he calmed right down.
He ended up with a Toy Story toy and as much as I adore those movies, I find it completely commercial that they are movies made about toys and then toys are made and sold from the toys in the movie and well, it's all just so...fucking perfect.
But whatever.
Here he is, holding his baby brother's hand in the cart.

And another where they are both grinning, although Gibson's pacifier is sort of blocking the view.

Can you believe how big they're getting? 

Owen had momentarily forgotten to try to escape having his picture made but then he remembered. 

And then he did his best to block my photo-access to his brother.

I swear, that child makes me feel like the paparazzi. Maybe he could get a gig as Suri Cruise's bodyguard or something. The kid's almost three, he pooped in the potty and I think it's about time he started earning his keep. Don't you?

So yeah, after that we went to lunch and I do this thing which is actually shameless old-lady flirting. I look at handsome young guys (and they have to be pretty young and I should be ashamed to admit this but I'm not) and I say to them, "I bet your mama loves you."
Because of course their mamas all love them and they usually blush a little and shrug their shoulders and say something like, "Yeah. She does." But when I did it today, said that to a toweringly tall guy in the burrito-making line at Moe's, he looked right at me, said, "Yeah, she sure does. ALL the women love me."
And I was the one who was blushing. 

And I'm sure Lily was dying of embarrassment. 
Oh well. I'm an old woman. I can get away with a lot of stuff. Which is good because getting older doesn't have a whole lot of benefits and perks to speak of. 

So it was a great day with the fellas and here's another picture of Gibson in the car. I love it because he's smiling with his whole entire face. Check out those eyebrows of his.

I'd let that kid teeth on my heart if I could just get it out of my chest. I swear I would. 

When I got home, the Gator Hunters had packed up and left for Franklin County and I did something completely out of character for me. I watched an entire episode of America's Next Top Model on the computer and I'll tell you why- I know one of the girls on it this year.
Do any of y'all remember when I was in Steel Magnolas at the Opera House a year or so ago? This girl, her name is Victoria Henley, played Annelle. She was also in a few of Freddy's movies, one of which I was in with her. And I'm her "friend" on Facebook which is how I knew she was on the show. She was a good Annelle and what I mostly got from her was that she and her mother both are incredibly ambitious for her to have a career and damn! I don't know how well she placed in the show because she has been sworn to secrecy of course, but it was interesting to see her on the TV. 
I do wish her well. Here's one of her stills from the show:

My goodness! Our little Annelle is all grown up! And what an amazing opportunity for her to work with the stylists and photographers that she got to work with. Just goes to show what determination and hard work can bring you. She's from some tiny town in Georgia that even I can't remember the name of right now. 

So. That's been my life today. Grandchildren and Target and lunch at Moe's and I feel sort of lazy and useless but I have to be at Lily and Jason's tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. so I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Jessie and Vergil will be here on Thursday and life will continue to be busy and good and I ain't complaining. 

I'll never be America's Next Top Model but I think there are still surprises in store for me, still moments of pure grace and joy, still plenty of things to make me laugh. 

I'm good with that. For the moment, I am completely good with that.


  1. America's Top Model reminds me of when Karlie Kloss was made fun of by Tyra Banks. I took it kinda personally because Karlie was in the 6th grade at a school where I worked while pregnant with Isabella. She was completely beautiful then as she is now.

  2. Lorda mercy, I remember that Annelle! So cool.

  3. Those boys! They are huge and sweet and enormous.
    And I'm going to remember your flirting line for use in the future. That's pro.

  4. Rebecca- It's a TV show. You go on it, you have to expect that it's going to involve some bullshit.

    SJ- I knew you would. Remember, that is.

    Lisa- It's a great line. Use it with glee when you get old too.

  5. You had a good day, including flirting. But the thing is--you were like a model when younger. We have seen those photos. You can run but you can't hide!

  6. I think I'd allow Gibson to teethe on my heart, too.

  7. It's so funny how Owen tries to avoid being photographed. Most kids LOVE to be photographed. He knows it provokes you!

    I love your flirting story. Hilarious. Next time, take a photo! LOL

  8. It's been amazing the relatively short time I've been here watching your grandsons grow. That Gibson is a real little ADORABLE person now and Owen, my gosh he is growing up. Congrats on the poop in the toilet :) I am glad you had a wonderful day and will be with them again tomorrow and I'm also glad you will have company of Jesse and Virgil on Thursday. You are the bestest ever grandma! S. Jo

  9. owen and my son, they're helping us earn our paparazzi credentials. i hope owen grows out of it! my son does not appear to be doing so, however.

  10. Nicol- Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    Syd- No way, baby. I was never skinny enough or tall enough to be a model. But, are you maybe saying that if I'd met Keith Richards thirty-five years ago I might have had a chance????

    Elizabeth- I bet you would. We all let babies teethe on our hearts.

    Jill- Thank-you! Come visit any time!

    Steve Reed- I might do that!

    S. Jo- I see them all the time and I can't believe how big they're getting.

    Angella- I know! Your son always looks like he's being tortured when you take his picture. Which does not decrease his handsome-factor one iota. There's nothing he can do to disguise that.


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