Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doing What I CAN Do, Letting The Rest Go

Bread is in the oven. It is whole wheat and molasses and the leftover oatmeal from this morning. Purple potatoes are simmering in a pot with garlic and I am going to mash them into lavender loveliness. Broccoli is cut up and ready to be steamed and chicken breasts have been marinated in buttermilk and Crystal hot sauce and are coated with Shake and Bake Spicy Chicken stuff and I am not kidding you.

I have spent the day weeding and listening to a book on CD and Mr. Moon took various large objects to the trash depot and it has been cooler although not cool and I took a small nap, the sheets against my legs like heaven. Why do my sheets always feel like marshmallows to me? I don't know but they do.

I have talked to Jessie tonight and to Lily earlier. We are all making storm plans and contingencies. Mr. Moon traded money and a muzzle-loader for a brand-new looking propane-fueled Honda generator which, if need be, will power the freezer, the refrigerator, the lights, a fan. Mr. Moon sold his first herd of cows at the age of six or something crazy like that and I love him so much. He gets the good deal but makes the other person feel as if they got a good deal too. He has never once, since I've known him, complained about the amount of taxes we pay, he is as good a man as you will ever meet and he cares about people, truly. He thanks me for every meal I cook him.

I am feeling incredibly lucky and when I was in the garden the chickens were out there with me. When Elvis found a grub or worm, he would call his hens to come and eat it. He is the best rooster. We lost another hen yesterday and I heard him screaming but when I went out to see what was happening, it had already happened.

I am not worrying over-much about the hurricane. I am adopting the philosophy of accepting that which you cannot change. No need to ask for wisdom to know the difference between that which you can change and that which you cannot change in a hurricane. There is comfort in that.

Tomorrow could be completely different.

We shall see.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I have a few very important questions--

    1) Can you steam fresh vegetables like broccoli? I've only steamed frozen.

    2) I spend my Christmases in a cabin that is powered by a Honda generator, and someday I will have to blog about that.

    3) I am making pot roast tomorrow, and I may text you about questions about how long that sucker stays in the crockpot.

    4) Be safe, will you?

    I love you! SJ.

  2. Hi SJ! You made me laugh with the veggie question. We are so much alike. Good luck with the pot roast.

    MM, you are making me nervous for you. I'm so glad for the generator though, that is a huge help/comfort. I am so glad there are males out there like Mr Moon and your dear rooster. Gives me hope.
    I got my CD!!! So thrilled. Thank you!

  3. I love your Mr. Moon, your Elvis and you. You are all the best of the best. Your purple mashed potatoes sound divine, in fact everything you are making sounds perfect.
    Thinking of you until this storm passes....

  4. I love that Elvis looks out for the other chicken ladies. I think it is so wonderful-you and Mr. Moon. I will be curious to see what happens with this hurricane. Be safe. Glad Mr. Moon got a generator for y'all.

  5. I have ice, beer, a crockpot of chili, and cat food. Thank god that tree is out from over my head, that was my only worry in storms. But I'm supposed to start school Monday!

  6. You are prepared now. That makes me feel good. All will be okay.

  7. My baby sister's hurricane preparedness involves buying a lot of whiskey. She lives in Tampa and I'm sure is hoping the surge will wash out all of the RNC-eers into the deep dark ocean. I'll be keeping all of you in my thoughts, and wishing just a decent amount of rain, some impressive lightning and all trees standing.

    And all RNC-eers washed out to sea. Not really. But sort of.

  8. My husband always tells me good meal no matter what it is. it's the little constants that make such a difference. along with being able to fix stuff.

  9. Oh, Elvis. Elvis. Mrs. Moon. Mr. Moon. Xoxoxoxoxo.

  10. Oh no! What happened to the hen? I guess that's just part of having chickens, but I think it would bother me greatly.

    I'll be thinking of you as the storm heads northward. The panhandle always seems to get hit, doesn't it? The model I saw predicts a Category 2, which is nothing to sneeze at, but at least not too terrible -- as you know. Anyway, hope it passes without too much drama.

  11. We had four chickens, now we have two. I worry over them.

    But. I am a wee bit worried over you at the moment. Sounds like you're as prepared as you can be.

    I love Mr Moon too. Really.

  12. I love hearing about your food--it is a gift knowing how to make something yummy out of what you have. I am sorry about the hen. :(
    I think that Jessie and V will have a rainy drive down. I hope it stays a storm. I know you guys will be OK in your hourse and those trees have been there for a long, long time.
    I have a flight Wed afternoon from GA to Houston. I hope it gets cancelled. I do not want to fly.
    Is Elvis in your header? He is such a good sister-wife husband.
    --Michele R. (I get on the computer after the boys and it takes too long to sign out their names and sign in mine so it is quicker to comment like this).
    --Michele R

  13. SJ- Of course! Steam fresh vegetables! I am not so good about times in the crockpot. I will help if I can, but I recommend doing some internet searching for more concrete answers. I always say, "Cook until done," which is a bit vague.

    Bethany- The world would be a much better place if there were more men like Mr. Moon. And more people in general like him and like you, too, you sweet, sweet woman!

    Mel- Thank-you. So much.

    Nicol- I do feel a lot better, knowing that we have that generator. It's true.

    DTG- I think you will be able to start school. And it sounds to me as if you are completely ready! I love you.

    Syd- I think so. I do.

    Sara- I think that the storm will not harm Tampa very much at all. This, I am sure, will be taken as proof by the RNC that they are god's chosen. As if they had any doubt to begin with.

    Kristin- Then you know exactly what I am talking about. We are the lucky ones.

    Denise- My men are good men.

    Steve- Yep. I heard some old guy in Apalach once say that no matter where a storm originated, it would hit Apalachicola. This seems to be very true. I don't know what snatched that hen but something sure as shit did. I haven't found a trace yet. It IS sad.
    But I have to tell you- Cat 2 is way bigger than I personally want to deal with.

    Beth- It is hard NOT to love Mr. Moon. He is a very special sort of man.
    And don't worry. We'll be fine. I swear!

    Michele R- You can comment as anyone you want to on my blog. Never worry about that. I hope you don't have to fly. Time will tell...


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