Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby, I Got It All

We made it home and here's the really nice thing about that- as much as I enjoyed myself this weekend, I am not sad to be home because I love my home and also, the very same husband who was my rock-star boyfriend this weekend (well, I am using the term "rock-star" loosely here, you understand), is still my rock-star boyfriend who has been busy moving things around to make room for a new bed in the guest room and plugging in the new freezer in the garage and unloading the car and I don't know what all.
Right now he's reading the paper and being antsy because he has things he needs to do and he can't do them by himself (like moving a king-sized mattress out of a trailer and into the house) and Jason is going to help him but he's not off work yet.

Mr. Moon likes to get things DONE. I am certain that if you asked him, he would insist that this weekend get-away was taken in service to our relationship. And yes, it certainly helped to remind us that we are a pretty funny, loving couple when we get away and we can still make each other laugh and cry at the appropriate times and that we do enjoy each other's company BUT if you put the thumb screws on him, he'd have to admit that at least part of the weekend's purpose was to do a little gator-hunt scouting and get a few things ready for that upcoming adventure.
And so he did and it was fine. Last night when we were coming in from our boat ride up the river, some other guys were just putting in and it was obvious from their equipment that they were going gator hunting. Oh man. Solid gold! But what was really impressive was that these guys are not just regular gator hunters- oh no!- they are the nuisance gator removers for the entire freaking area!!!!
And thus, discussions ensued and I had to pee SO BAD so I hiked around to the edge of the marsh where no one could see me (sort of) and squatted and peed because what else could I do? Mr. Moon always tells me to pee off the side of the boat but believe me, that is NOT going to happen. Not in this lifetime. Okay, maybe if we'd been out to sea and were stranded for days and the water was full of sharks. Then maybe I'd pee off the side of the boat. Maybe.
It may not appear so, but I do have delicate sensibilities concerning a few things and peeing off the side of a boat is one of them.


Hank, who had been staying here all weekend got up (he doesn't go to bed until around 5 a.m. so...) and between the three of us, we got that king-sized Tempur-Pedic or whatever it is, mattress into the guest room which was sort of like dragging a dead elephant but by god we did it! The bed is made up and gorgeous and Bill Murray- if you are reading this- your bed is ready!!!! Mr. Moon's sister gave us the bed and also two sets of beautiful, fine sheets and a gorgeous quilt and it's just like fucking Martha Stewart in there now. Only better.

Also, all of the contents of the old chest freezer in the garage have been gone through and organized and put into the new chest freezer. Whoo-hoo! We're gettin' 'er done here in Lloyd. We had to get a new chest freezer because the lid of the old one had separated and we had to keep a sledge hammer on it to keep it closed and besides that, things were sort of frost-frozen into place and it was like trying to remove a wooly mammoth from its frozen bog to get to anything out there. So now the fish is in one place and the venison sausage in another and the ground venison in another and things are organized into dates and put where I can get the oldest the easiest and oh, golly. What a relief that is.
There's even room for some gator now.
I guess.

So now all we have to do is move the old queen-sized bed up to Jessie's old room and bring down the full-sized bed that's up there now and do something with THAT mattress and box springs and oh yes, there's a refrigerator in the trailer that's going in the garage and a headboard and bed frame which are going to Lily and Jason and a brown leather couch that is going somewhere, we're just not sure where. All of these treasures came from Mr. Moon's sister who is moving from Florida to Texas and these are things she doesn't need.
Except for the freezer which we bought ourself. Out of necessity.

And if I only had some damn vegetables in the garden I'd feel even richer than I feel now but I'm not sure I could handle that. Besides, it will be time to plant the fall garden soon and there you go. And let's not forget the eggs which we're hardly even eating and which the hens are laying with passionate ferver lately.

Tomorrow will be my first day, believe it or not where both Owen and Gibson are coming out here for me to take care of and I'm scared and I'm excited. I hear that in the past three days Gibson has started sitting up by himself and is wanting to scoot and I have a feeling that it won't be long before he's scooting everywhere, mostly after his brother.
More riches.

And to top it all off, my brother Russell (yes! I have a brother named Russell!) will be coming tomorrow too to stay for a few days. I was telling Owen about this on the phone a little while ago. He has no idea who Russell is but since everyone he meets is a new person to love him, he was excited. "Where does he live?" Owen asked me.
"Winter Haven," I said.
"Oh! Winter Haven!" as if he had a clue about where that is but since he's been to Jacksonville, he now gets the concept of people living in other towns.

Lord, I am so lucky. I had a fabulous get-away with a rock-star gator hunter who loves me sincerely, I am home now in my well-lived in old house with its new bed that I can transport myself to if I get the insomnia (and it's all memory-foamy and shit) and I don't have to put a sledge hammer on the freezer and my grandsons and my brother are coming tomorrow and Jessie and Vergil are coming next week.

Yep. Life is good.

Very, very good. I got love, I got venison, I got memory foam. I got coffee.

I got a big-ass white rooster strutting around my yard taking care of the sister-wives.

What I don't have is an ending.
I find that comforting.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That's all solid gold, you even have a heart shaped glow of gold light on the pillow of the spare bed . . . Or am I seeing things.
    A wonderful post, I actually felt the benefit of your newly arranged and soundly closed freezer x

  2. I got you with everything you've got - and that is good.

  3. Rock Star life.

    It's cute how Owen says "oh" in front of stuff. oh, winter haven he says.

  4. How can someone read your life ... in words and sentences ... and not love every bit of it?

    Got memory foam, got coffee? Check!

  5. bugerlugs- I didn't see that until you mentioned it! Yes! A heart-shaped glow. The Panther Room is special.

    SJ- Oh. Just a position where you get to have influence over the health care in this country. Do you KNOW how important that is? I will NEVER have anything like that. I admire you so much. I hope you know that.

    liv- I know how blessed I am.

    Jill- He does, too He always says, "oh..."
    He is thinking about things. He is figuring it out.

    Delhibound- Hello, hello! Nice to meet you! Come back any time. We are glad you're here.

  6. The bed is beautiful. I love productive days. As you know, your Mr Moon is a keeper. S JO

  7. I think I'm coveting your life right now. Can I come stay when Bill Murray is there? It could be sort of a coincidence. You know, our little secret?

  8. Love your words, Ms. Moon. J in Eire

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. It is hard for women to pee off the side of the boat--a delicate balance teetering on the edge of the gunnel. Carry a bucket--it's much better.

  10. "'s just like fucking Martha Stewart in there now. Only better."


  11. Sweet Jo- Yes he is!

    Elizabeth- You got it.

    Denise- Absolutely!

    J in Eire- Aw. I'm so glad.

    Syd- Frankly, I don't care for boat rides that last longer than my ability to hold my pee.

    Lisa- Martha probably would not agree with me.

  12. Memory foam is FANTASTIC (but sometimes warm in the summer).


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